5 years ago

What I Wore Sunday #6


I’m not an organized person, but I shouldn’t be surprised that come holiday weekend, I discover there’s no time to blog. Imagine that, family functions taking precedence! Tsk tsk tsk. Still, I am befuddled.

I’ll be working on better preparing for these weekends in the future. Coffee scrub post is still scheduled to post this week, finally!

I hope everyone had a beautiful 4th. My parents cooked and grilled ribs better than the famous Montgomery Inn for my siblings and our families. Despite the rain all weekend, we were still able to slosh about in their backyard with sparklers. Lexington had a hard time understanding that one cannot touch the sparkly part. He learned quickly.

Here’s what I wore Sunday to Mass. It was still drizzly and 70 out so I figured there’d be no harm in wearing long pants. But the sun came out! We came home and the boys wanted to play- and after all the rain, how could I tell them no, that they needed to nap? I took the opportunity to take a few pics. After 10 minutes under this strange thing called “sunshine”, I was ready to superman change to shorts, hang the photos. With some heavy (and sloppy) editing, I managed 2 shots.



Tunic: JCrew Outlet, same as worn a few weekends ago
Tank underneath: Ann Taylor LOFT,
Skinny Jeans: Express (a year ago),
Shoes: Tory Burch (gift from Sis)

That’s it! For more Mass wardrobe inspiration, go visit FL&P! I’ll be writing again soon. Bonne semaine à tous! (have a good week!)

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