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What I Wore Sunday #9


Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday.
Not vurrrry oh-reee-gee-nale this week, but the exciting part is that we actually made it to a morning Mass! 11am!
Made possible my my 7-day-old-unwashed hair.
If you ever see me out in public, and my hair looks like this, it’s most likely because I haven’t been permitted to wash it in a week.

How dost one accomplish this ‘do? So easy, you’re laughing:

  1. Hair must be long enough to get into a ponytail
  2. Put hair up into a messy ponytail, the “tail” part not fully pulled through.
  3. Use bobby pins to pin the loose loops in various spots directly to the scalp, this makes your “bun” look more voluminous .
  4. Hairpsray like a maniac.


Thar ye be.  I do this when I’m in a hurry, which is often.  Otherwise, I love to take time to tease my hair, making it look ridiculously enormous. I use this method to create a messy “bun” high on my head, low and ellllllegant, or just for the sake of keeping it out of grubby fingers’ clutches.  …Though Collin discovered my earrings during Mass this week, so… yeah, jolly good.


To the outfit! 

Same dame pantalones and flats as weeks previous: Here & Here
Tunic: Maternity from H&M. Worn here (link was incorrect, I fixed it) also. (I’m not prego, it’s a cozy shirt and I like to believe it still works)


Talk to you later this week!

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  1. Your hair looks awesome! Totally going to try that one of these days – and 7 days of no washing? Nice! I’ve been stretching mine but the most I can make it is 4 before it gets nasty… I’m trying dry shampoo though, so I might be able to stretch longer :P

  2. The fact that your hair looks that good after seven days of no washing is freaking awesome! Mine would look like a horrid greasy mess. Yours look dynamite! Love the outfit. Casual and cool. I am all for comfy, preggers or no preggers.

    1. Hey Thanh! I still take such enjoyment in a good blowdry and curling, if I can have the time. But, you’re right, BOY has the hair routine changed! Thanks for coming to visit :)

  3. Love it! I love my curly hair but sometimes I see messy ponytails thrown up with sleek and shiny straight hairs and I’m uber jealous!! My messy ponytails usually end up looking more like nests…

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Sheena! I love curly hair. I often imagine that if I had really tight curly hair, I’d fro it out and wear a bow, which might get lost in there. I LOVE big hair …and nest-y hair :)


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