4 years ago

What I Wore Sunday #18 + An Example Of My Awful Creativity

Combo-ing it up this morn.  What I Wore Sunday with Fine Linen & Purple, at bat:

Jus’ me n’ ol’ ‘lectrical outlet.
Scarf:  same as last week. nordy’s [http://pinterest.com/pin/118219558938065934/]
Tunic: JCrew
Jeggings: Express, many moons ago. same here, here, and here.
Flats: same same same.
Between the usual morning rush of child meltdowns, smashed Nutrigrain bars, and me trying to slather makeup on my face, I put little effort into picking out something to wear.
I am not the structured person who carefully selects an outfit, shoes, accessories, laying it out the night before. I don’t even want to do that. I have tried, and each morning I’ve woken up, stumbled over to the painstakingly preselected ensemble, and go,  “Today, I protest that neckline.”
It’s got to be boring, and easily accessible for the nursing 14 month old.
So generally what happens is I get inspired by one part of my outfit from the previous week and arrange my outfit around that.
This Sunday, the scarf was the source. I’ve worn this outfit before, but adding a scarf gave it a little    …scarf. yeah.
And I wear Collin in a baby carrier the entire duration of Mass, so really, the only thing that matters is “How willing am I to let this get chewed on?”
The silk scarf is really just polyester, so the answer is, yes.  Have that sucker for lunch.
To further excite you with my sharp creativity, I thought I’d share one of my brainstorming notes.
If I were working for a company asking me to come up with an eye-catching, witty name for a hip Mommyblogger in her reallllllly late 20’s, here’s how my thought process would go down. …and crash and burn.
“What is the common theme of your blog?

Name is currently 4Life4Life.
I named it that because I originally set out to write a prolife blog.
What are you actually writing?
 I write about my family and my fumbles as:
A Catholic.
A woman
A mom
A parent of multiples
A parent of small children
A homeschooling wannabe
Finding whole health approaches to ailments
An artist.
A Francophile who hasn’t spoken French in years and has a secret self consciousness of her inability to write in grammatical correctness because that is an enormous faux pas, but can pronounce the shyte out of anything you ask her to say.
Photography lover.
Reluctant fashion lover.
“The upstream swim as a Catholic mother who rejects cafeteria style faith and being force-fed by the guv’ment. But she likes pretty things and frenchy words.”
Catholic Wife Mom Frenchy Artist.
“Tales of the CWMFARTist.”
If anyone has anything better, I’m all ears –er eyes, I guess.
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