4 years ago

What I wore Sunday #19

It’s been too long since I linked up with Fine Linen & Purple to share what I’ve worn to Mass.  Too long!   I was ill with a nasty cold, and missed 2 weeks, because hey who wants me to come bearing the gift of germies for you and yours this season? Not me.

Then, I believe I suffered something like a gluten overload, where a few Saturdays ago, I realized I’d eaten mostly bread and pasta all day. I started to feel extremely exhausted and couldn’t keep my thoughts straight.  I went to bed and Sunday morning, I could. not. get. up.

We were blessed with a rare day where Craig’s work load was slightly lighter and he allowed me to sleep- literally the entire day.  Craig brought Collin in to nurse and nap with me, and then took him back out when he woke.  I had absolutely no appetite- didn’t even want coffee, and you know that’s bad. I stayed away from the gluten for the next few days and felt right as rain again, again.

So I have a few weeks smooshed together here…
Last week I tried to post, but the Tasmanian devils are really working a number on me lately:

What I Wore, Fashion, Catholic
“Mom’s just standing there. She must need me. Immediately.”

The church clothes come off as soon as we cross the threshold into the house.  But we got half of Collin’s outfit:

Catholic, Fashion
Lexington’s “cozy clothes” reflects my innate fashion sense: FIRST THING WITHIN REACH.

On me:

Tunic: J.Crew outlet- worn in many of the previous posts.
Skinnies: Rag & Bone
Booties: Sam Edleman -a Christmas present from my in laws.
Scarf: Target

So that was last week.


This week:

Fashion, Catholic
Do I really carry my bag like that? No.
Catholic, Fashion
You guise. the snow. I’m standing in it. (the only explanation I have for why I never looked up in these pics.)

 Magenta Tee: J. Crew
Cardi: Ann Taylor
Skinnies: Rag & Bone
Hunters: Christmas present from Craig. I may have to dedicate a separate post to the strife of deciding on keeping these slightly too big for me boots. STRIFE I tell you.
Infinity Scarf: hand made gift from my sister, Katie
Mompurse: come meet Karen!

There! Done.  If you haven’t visited FL&P in a while, please do and congratulate Kendra and her husband on the newest addition to their family.  Congratulations lady!

Talk soon.

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