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What I Wore Sunday #17

Diving back in to What I Wore Sunday with Fine Linen & Purple!

So as I wrote last week, we finally made the heave-ho and moved into a new house.
I’ve promised details and I will not disappoint for much longer. But goodness gracious this has taken everything out of me!
I am a conservative introvert; which means even if I know it’s for the best, my body rebels change, straight down to giving itself hives.
Each night, when I normally have a second to tap out a ramble on my iPhone, I have instead collapsed.
Neighbors are come a’ knocking on the door to chat, and I have no idea what civilized folk talk about– out loud, to each other’s face.
There’s this little dude next door who wanted to play ball with Lexington. This sent me into a nervous wreck because how do I know this little guy doesn’t use the eff word and watch MTV? I don’t know!
My much more civilized mother in law was visiting and helping out that day, and she took over the civil speak and told our neighbor he was welcome to come play.
Lexington was so excited to have a new visitor that he busted his shins twice in a row, in the same spot, which sent him bawling and wanting to hide out of embarrassment.
My heart broke for my oldest, and I explained to the neighbor child as I let him out the front door that “we come from a land of trees and grass, and aren’t used to people.”
“–oh, you’re from the country!”
Yeah… That’s one way to say it. …if I knew how to talk like a normal person.
The kid seemed very kind and didn’t say the eff word even once.
But I’m watching you, Wazowski. Alllllways watching.
I’m gathering that moving from Bumpy Bridge to suburbia has created a trade-off from curious furry creatures who think our vehicles are Rodent Kingdom Come, to curious neighbors waltzing right up INTO our garage to make sure “everything’s under control”.  I dunno, is that normal in suburbia to just allow yourself into someone else’s property?
Like, if you opened up your door to the garage, and there was a dude just standing there, would you be like, “howdy neighbor, what can I do yeh fer”?
While I’m a fan of neither the creature nor the person who has zero sense of personal space or property, I’ll take the person over any fuzzy thing. Fuzz from afar, please.
If I learn this foreign language of civility, I should be able to cordially ask Nosy McNosersons to BACK OFF.
Can’t ask a mouse nunthin.
So– Sunday.  What did you wear, Carolyn! Get on with it!
Our neighborhood contains a set of the most adorable little picket-fenced houses that I’ve admired for years and years. I somehow got my huzz to take my picture in front of this Red Riding Hood beauty.
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Sheath dress: NY&Co about a year ago
Black tights: NY&Co
Flats: the only ones I’ve worn the past billion Sundays in a row
Mom purse: KSNY 3 years ago, and no signs of aging!
BRF:the visual evidence of internal implosions.
Stay tuned, youse guys!
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