4 years ago

What I Wore Sunday… When It’s Been Worn. And Worn. And Worn.

My wardrobe is worn out to the point that walking into my closet on Sundays has become a source of anxiety for me.

I enter and assess the redundant situation: “hmm, try to pass off that maternity top as non-maternity again, or try to winterize that summer maxi…”

I stare at tops I should’ve donated 5 years ago, blink, walk back out, and spend the rest of the time doing my hair and makeup in hopes that a well-put together outfit will magically appear in the closet once I’ve run out of time avoiding the inevitable.

Never happens.

Thus, the monotonous replay of Carolyn’s Sunday “best”.

Here’s what inspired my outfit this weekend: cotton leggings. Maternity leggings.  Because I own more clothes au courant in maternity than normal size. Let’s just say that every time I try to invest in some classic, non-prego wardrobe staples, I grow fruit in my womb. So I guess if someone wanted to make money taking bets, just wait until I start throwing up selfies with never before repeated outfits. Carolyn collects 25%  of the winnings which she’ll use to purchase new maternity clothes. All rights re— ahem.

Moving on.

I tossed my sheath dress –of Christmas two times past– over my leggings, wrapped a scarf around my neck, booted up, and voilà.  A repeat not too shabz.

wiws, property of c. svellinger
My face knows not what to do for these posts. Be really happy? Continually allow BRF? or just accept the awkwardness and post anyway? I settled on C.

Seriously, can someone create a blog post instructing how to not have BRF or awkward penguin face for these kind of posts? Grace? It’d be money. promise.

property of c. svellinger
Cut off head. Instant natural-ness, achieved.

Sheath Dress: Worn this Christmas, last Christmas, maybe Easter last year, and various other Sundays. NY&Co.
Scarf: Nordy’s
Leggings: A Pea in the Pod Maternity
Hunters: the best thing for moms in sloppy weather since the mom haircut.

So what about the leggings inspired you, Carolyn? Glad you asked. I know the question is burning you to your very core, so I’ll divulge.

The leggings prove most efficient at the post-Mass superman change into the Sunday Laze attire.

And maybe they’re worn until someone smears their soggy graham cracker fingers up the left leg, three days later. Maybe not.

We’ll see. It’s only Tuesday.

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