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What I Wore Sunday #13

Roight hare we ahhhhre with FL&P.
This Sunday was beautiful.
The not so beautiful part is that my oldest two have this old man hacking cough and Craig stayed home with them because is it not ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING to sit in front of two clearly very contagious sniveling, slurping, hacking toddlers who have barely any sense of personal space?
Maybe that’s just me, but during the exchange of the sign of peace, I’m just like “DUCES, my fishes!” and quickly return to a deep, meditative prayer.

The point- back to the point. My dear mother has been trying to get the ball rolling with perpetual adoration in our parish for OVER A YEAR. …and even longer now that I think about it… And for just as long has been trying to arrange for Father Sean Davidson of the Missionaries of The Most Holy Eucharist in France to come and speak to our parish, and give inspiration, holiness, and all of that to recruit some Christ-filled hearts to dedicate an hour a week to “watch one hour with Me” in adoration. He only travels to the US twice a year, and while my mom had arranged for him to come last year, hurricanes delayed and eventually cancelled his flight to our parish town.
This weekend Fr Sean FINALLY came.
And my momma introduced me to him after Mass!

If you’ve ever met a very holy person, you know it. You know that you know that you know it. He blessed my Collin with the sweetest prayer when we went up for Communion:

 “May the love of Christ be forever in your heart”

Fr. Sean works in France …and I definitely didn’t tell him I speak French because I haven’t spoken it in uhhhhhh probably 6? years? So I’m sure my “French” would come out like this (I promise I’ll translate):
…enchanté, Pere, mais je m’excuse, il y avait six ânes depuis j’ai l’opportunité de parler en Français, donc, je sais que ma grand mere n’est pas bien

(Delighted to meet you, Father, but excuse me, it’s been 6 asses since I had the opportunity to speak in French. so I know that my grandmother isn’t well)

So that’s how that’d go. Imagine, the ears of a very holy man having to go through that. Yeah.

So here’s what I wore. Star of the show: none other than mah paaank paynts.
Play the canticle music.


Top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Pants: you know them.
Shoes: You know those too.
What’s important to note here is that I PAINTED MY NAYYYYYLLLZ!

nailzSome people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

And THENNNN I went to a baby shower for my dearest cousins who are both prego and due within two weeks of each other!

My other cousin, Stephanie snapped some more true to life pics of me playing with her little boy and my Collin, which I thought I’d yank and share here. Thanks Steffy!


Sammy had taken my hand and opened the car door for me. Quite the gentleman, how could I tell him no?

And here is a shot of some beautiful baby bumps: Kristen and Kristin! My sister, Katie, is the brunette in the black top.  My engaged, soon to be cousin, Allison is next to Katie, in a black top as well, my Aunt Lisa on the end. And Stephanie and Sammy had gone by then. Pooo.


What a lovely day.
But my boys are still hacking, so expect that I might not be here for Fridays Quick Takes with Jen.
But I am posting on Tuesday cause I finally tried the Honey-Poo!
Til then. Duces!

Carolyn stop. ….yeah I know. I don’t really do that. Except in church. When the children bring the plague.

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