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What I Wore Sunday #11 (or, How to Wear Pink Pants Every Sunday) + a preview


Welcome to a link up with Fine Linen & Purple titled What I Wore Sunday, or in my case, “Canticle of the Pink Pants”.

I had a difficult time photographing my outfit this weekend. I kept standing too close to the camera and cutting off my feet. There were spiders and bugs out. Ice cream sat melting in the car while I assured myself I’d get this taken care of quickly, and 50 photos later, these were the best I got. So… HOW are you wearing your pink pants, yet again, Carolyn?!  Like this:


I told you I had probz. This is right before getting bitten by a mosquito, which I frustratingly pulled my foot up to make sure it’s in the picture. Never mind taking a few extra steps back…


Mid-blink is usually Craig’s specialty.

Reaction to Mr. Mosquito dining on my calf. There. Got my foot in the frame.

Tank: Ann Taylor LOFT, many many moons ago.
Chambray: Gap. I used to protest chambray.
Pants:Do I really have to tell you at this point?
Shoes: TB, 3 years ago. I never knew a pair of flip flips to last so long.

So on Friday, I issued a subtle warning about what’s to come here at 4Life4Life blog… just a lil’ sumfin sumfin ’bout da Mass and why it’s apparently so boring… yet there are so many Catholics!  Are Catholics just mindless sheep? or is there something else bringing them to that mundane service every Sunday… or worse, EVERY. DAY? Is there something other than the music, the fellowship, and the Priest and his preachings?

Here’s a small preview:

  • It’s BORING.
  • I don’t GET anything out of it.
  • I dont even know what’s going on.
  • I don’t feel welcome.
  • The music sucks.
  • The priest talks funny.
  • It’s the SAME THING every single week.
  • It’s not relevant.

I could go on and on.  Why? Because I’ve thought all of those things about the Mass, growing up in the church.
Well, it sounds like a pretty crappy church, Carolyn. Why don’t you try out MY church? Better yet, if everyone complains, why won’t the Church change how they do things??
Before I took the time to learn what’s going on during Mass, before I took the time to understand what the Mass is really about, I tried easier routes.  I attended an array of non-Catholic churches during my searching years, and among an ocean of findings, here are my top 5 things I’ve learned:

  1. No other worship service reads the Bible as much as the Catholic Church does.

    WELL BUST MY BUTTONS! The Caths DO read the Bible! As a matter of fact, if you went to Mass every day for three years, you’d hear the Bible, in almost [edited, Not the whole bible is read during Mass] its entirety.  What’s WORSE, the Mass is scripturally based and I’ve been hard pressed to find a non-Catholic church which accounts its every aspect of worship, every thing the pastor does and says, to the Bible –HUH? Yah. Let that brew there for a minute.

Come back soon for the rest, my pretties. Bonne semaine à tous!

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  1. I have to inform you that the mass does not cover the bible “in its entirety” in 3 years or in any amount of years. While you are correct that it does cover a substantial amount (of the New Testament mainly) you have been misimformed about the entirety.
    Just filling in the crack for you, however, it does not matter. Mass (or sunday service) should not be the only time you’re reading the Bible. You will not get all you need to sustain a Christian life by just solely attending mass. Although it can be a great start, Christians must spend time in the Word on their own to further develop their relationship with Christ. All Catholics were encouraged to do so by Pope Pius XII in 1943.
    If you’ve ever heard someone use one the reasons that you’ve listed, the real truth behind the matter is… they plain just don’t WANT to go. God is calling and it’s our decision (or daily battle) to choose when, if ever, to answer Him. That decision starts in the heart. And how does The Lord touch our heart? With guilt and fear? With debunking our excuses? No. With love. When we can begin to understand how much He loves us, individually. Fearfully and wonderfully made.
    You can “debunk” all of those reason but its not gonna get em.

    1. I agree with you, I agree with you all the way! And thank you, Katie- the “entirety” part is not correct… I was little trigger happy before my fact-checking, I suppose. BUT THAT’S THE POINT! Isn’t it!? To know! To do the work, to be wrong, but to keep learning the faith while understanding the human err and the infinite perfection of God- oh hearts!
      I suppose you’ll have to come on by when I finally post’r :)

  2. I love the pants. Every time you post them, I am about two clicks away from buying them. (They are on sale for 30% final sale price today, it is taking every ounce of self control to not get them!).

    I can’t wait for your post on the Mass!

    1. Ahh the only complaint I have about them is that they’re “dry clean only” But I risked washing and hang drying them once so far and they’re a-okay.
      They zip at the side and do stretch out a little after wearing them.


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