4 years ago

How do I love thee, Winter? Let me count the laze.

If you’re confused at all by the first photograph, let me clarify:
The date is Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

winter blues, parenting
Christmas tree: still kickin’ it in the Happy House living room. In January.

It’s got to be winter blues– which is odd for me because my name is Frodo Baggins, pre-Fellowship of the Ring and I’m just dandy in the Shire, oblivious of the weather. I realized I must be on my low levels of usual laziness because after sending Lexington upstairs to fetch Collin some socks, and he came back down in tears because for the life of him, he couldn’t find the right drawer, what did the good mother do?  She drew a picture on her phone of the particular wall in the room, and the vanity of drawers, and circled the drawer which contained the socks.

Crystal clear. Any 4 year old should get it.

Bless his heart, my abstraction did the trick.

But then I know it’s getting really bad when The Meddlers Three are bringing opened bottles of toothpaste and fruit-filled granola bars into my bed, and I still don’t wake until  Collin throws his body, knees-first, into my then bloody nose.

The Meddlers Three, desecrating a book. Absolutely no respect.

But give them “Scramble” pieces and they’re occupied for a SOLID 45 minutes.  The only 45 minutes of the day when Collin isn’t asking for a “chit” or “boeuf”.  Chips and beef. His faves.

Emmett left me the phrase “rul wages” which I interpreted as “real wages”, but outside of food, I do not know what he would constitute as appropriate payment for his toddlerdom.

And then, I’m delighted that Collin is beginning to have conversations with me.  But they can only consist of yes or no questions, because he only shakes or nods his head to answer. Thus:

Me: Collin, do you need your diaper changed?
Collin: *nods head. brings me a diaper*
Me: Are you going to learn to use the toilet like Lexington?
Collin: *nods head*
Me: Do you think you’ll learn before Emmett, because that would be great.
Collin: *shakes head*

Anywho. My blog has been nominated for the very first time ever.  FOR ANYTHING. For an awesome bloggy award and I am so honored and feel so touched to have been thought of!  Bonnie, the gal hosting this thing has an amazing story, and I thank her for the work she’s put into it, especially while her son recovers from a traumatic seizure incident.  Reading her blog has made me exclaim into the adult-less house on any given day of the week “THANK YOU– FINALLY!” as I get to know this mother through her blog, who looks for better ways to raise her children, who swims against the current. She’s my brand of crazy.

I understand from her email that she is opening the polls to vote for the most Sheenazing blogs on Thurdsay. That would be tomorrow. Or today, if you’re reading this tomorrow.
If you like my little blog, I’d sure feel warm and fuzzy if you’d go vote so that I can have a Sheenazing button, like below:

If not, fine. I’m too lazy to be mad about it.

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