4 years ago

7 Quick Takes Friday #29 {Phat Beats, Anniversary, and My Coast Guard Cousin Who Rocks}


Looking for a 90’s thowback song with a phatter beat than you ever knew existed?
Here you go:


It’s ONLY the audio because I detest music videos and think they have a fantastic ability to completely ruin an experience of a song, especially if the videos are anything like what Bastille tends to put up.  So, yeeey for the soul who YouTube’d solo audio for this song.

Okay, eye-roller, you can either be annoyed at the solicitous nature of music sharing and obstinately not listen to it at all (typically my stance), and then 5 months later, be the last to join the bandwagon, bellowing, “HOW AM I JUST NOW HEARING THIS?!” as all your friends roll their eyes going, “come on, this is so 5 months ago.”

—wait. That’s what just happened to me. So…uh.. yeah sorry guys, I’m slow. But you knew that already.


A few days ago, when I was wailing about my eternal pathetica, I forgot to mention that my sister in law came to visit –but cleaned my house for me instead. I know that one can be blessed enough to marry a wonderful man, but to get a loving sister in law in the package, I have to say, golden ticket indeed.
I've got a golden ticket on Make A.Gif

Yes, I just figured out how to make gifs. This, too, shall pass.


Slowly. s l o w l y, I am gearing up to make changes for my blog. This week I changed up my “About Me” tab, added a “Contact” tab, and added a tab for Emmett’s Little World (Autism).
I have realized how difficult it is to write About Me’s without it sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher going wa, wa, wa, wa… I settled with making it shorter and sweeter. Success? eh. Tell me what you think!


Alas, the much valued Sheenazing Award has not been bestowed upon me to add to my shelf full of writing Oscars as a first nod of recognition, but fear not, this little toaster stands in awe of the winners.  I have much to learn.  Wax on, Carolyn-san.

Go visit the winner list, then go see how it lines up to my picks, cause it’s not like we all have more productive things to do.  A huge congratulations to my superiors!


My husband and I celebrated our 5th year of married life this month.  I wrote earlier this week about how we met, and how our stumbles and embarrassing moments became formative of how we view the definition of “beautiful”.

property of Carolyn Svellinger


My cousin Amanda is in the Coast Guard, and is currently training in order to FLY HELICOPTERS and RESCUE PEOPLE. If that’s not amazing, go away I don’t like you.  When we got to see her …over thanksgiving… she explained to my cousins and I some of the training she goes through- involving riding, strapped into a simulation of a helicopter, BLINDFOLDED, and submerged, upside down, under water.  Here’s a video of some of the ops she goes through:

–okay, I’m back from breathing into a brown paper bag.

Will you pray with me for her continued safety and awesomeness?


If you’re like ahmagersh CAROLYN. That. Bastille song! Gimme mo’ ah dat Bastille, do this one. Fear not, I’ve made sure it’s only an audio, because the official video is this weird one where everyone’s eyes go black. Gross.

If you’re like ahmergersh CAROLYN. STAHP. No no’ music pushing.

Alright, I’m done.
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