4 years ago

7 Quick Takes- Take a walk with me down I Suck At Gratitude Ave.


I’m slightly loopier than usual because I have this head cold and everything feels like I’m walking on a ship at sea. Probably like a Disney cruise ship, only absolutely no cruise-y-ness, and the only sounds of “be our guest, be our guest!” are coming from our TV: set up to keep the boys occupied for point 3 seconds so I can sit in a soft chair for point 1 second and mouth breathe. So there I am, eyes drooping, struggling to hold onto life; and in attempt to remain conscious, I slop my iPhone Feedly app open, looking to any inspiration to snap my eyes open, and reading about Jen and Hallie’s Edel Gathering sure did the trick.

The next Quick Takes demonstrate my emotional status as I transform from elated and suddenly 100% cured, to a rapid down-hill spiral, suddenly 100% sick as a dog, with the worst head cold ever, sans the will to live ever again.


My visions upon reading of Edel’s location at a fancy hotel, the schedule of glamorous shoe contests, coffee drinking, pastry snacking, wine sipping, massages, and general non-mom exquisiteness surrounding wearing makeup and being allowed to spend uninterrupted minutes on a more girlish hairstyle:

Marie Antoinette on Make A.Gif




Marie Antoinette on Make A Gif


Marie Antoinette on Make A.Gif


Upon viewing the speaker and teamster line up and imagining chillin’ with each lady like they’re my besties forevsties:

Tula feels cool on Make A.Gif


Upon viewing the ticket price:

Young Frankenstein on Make A.Gif


Upon viewing the hotel price per night:

Marianne cries on Make A.Gif


Upon thinking about the airfare price + ticket price + hotel per night price + arranging for care for the boys + home groceries while I’m gone + the brand spankin’ new wardrobe that I most certainly would have to purchase for the event + extra travel expenses:

LOTR Frodo falls on Make A.Gif


Reminding myself I would never feel good about spending that chunk of change on myself anyway:

How to lose a guy in 10 days on Make A.Gif

Right. …right?????!??!
I had a baleful post lined up in which I threw a one blogger pity party, hoppin with “why me’s?!?!?!” and “Shut up –every mom needs breaks!”, and “You suck so fantastically at being grateful for what you haves”, and I am so turned off by woe-is-me bloggers who can’t even laugh about it because for a mother, the woe is so so so so so normal, and so so so so every day that why do I think I have it worse than anyone else?

Cause I don’t.  Everyone has their own hardships.  And this is what I signed up for.

Plus, get a load of this spoiled brat: my mother-in-law came to our house 2 days in a row, made us chicken noodle soup from scratch, bathed my children, fed them fruit and cookies, brought me a coffee, and played with them so I could shower.
Right there, Miss Carolyn, was your Edel Gathering. I already went, guys.

So in the timespan of one evening, I felt the full range of triumph, glamor, and mourning the loss of the excellent, EXCELLENT Catholic, mommy, bloggy, RIGHT-UP-MY-NICHE-ALLEY conference, and I’m finished whining now.


Maybe, hopefully, yearningly, another year I’ll be blessed to attend such a beautiful gathering, but not this one. I have closer-to-home fish to fry.

…for dinner. With rice.

props of c. Svellinger, Catholic blogger
…and mirrors to clean.

So there.

Go visit Jen!  I hope YOU can go this year!