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5 Favorites in Which I Reveal My Inner Crunch (7 Posts, day 3)

Yup, completely missed yesterday.  Didn’t even get a chance to repost an oldie but goodie.

It was worth it though, because we visited my sister and her hooligans. A visit with her is always uplifting, inspiring, and rejuvenating because, um we’re sisters, and we can share experiences, advice, and shamelessly blubber about getting emotional over  Katy Perry songs the stupidest things without worrying about looking like a lunatic because we get it. Or maybe we’re both just lunatics. Either way, she’s my people, and our little people like to chase each other around whichever house we congregate.

Plus, Collin is just …hmm, how can I put it gently… anarchical.  A few weeks ago, he figured out how to open the fridge, so that’s been his main event.  Every 15 or so minutes: pulling out milks, condiments, vegetables.  Yesterday, he released the stopper on our 1.5ish gallon container of filtered water –and closed the refrigerator door.  I was unaware until I reopened and discovered it’d be a good time to wipe down the fridge. Which, I’d much rather be doing than the close shave we had with a bottle of olive oil he’d opened up and come stumbling recklessly toward me, holding it up like a gold medal.  I definitely made the sign of the Cross and thanked Jesus for that save.

This morning, before anyone had come to the kitchen, Collin sprinkled the floor with left-over, chopped chicken.

Kay. I’m tired of whining about that.

Linking up with sweet Hallie, because it’s been far too long:

5 of my favorite things which make me do the Julie Andrews of late are as follows:


This Essential oil aromatherapy diffuser.

ZAQ Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The only use I’ll ever have for a candle again is if we are forced to live in a house like Bumpy Bridge whose electrical grid is haggard and we find ourselves without power over.and.over.and.over again. Shudders.

I had an Amazon gift card which I received as a Christmas present, and yes, months later of fretting over how to best spend it, this diffuser was part of the purchase.  I’d read reviews of some of the more expensive diffusers, but the overall positive reviews and semi-reasonable price kept bringing me back to this little pretty.
The smells emitted are immediate and this little wonder has filled our larger-than-I’ve-ever-had bedroom full of essential oil aromas and then some.
The boys are mesmerized by its color-changing abilities, but if that’s annoying, there’s the option to pick your fave color and leave it there, or to turn the modern lavalamp light off completely.  The diffuser automatically shuts off once its contents have been diffused.  So in the 5 days that it’s been in my possession, it’s immediately become our nap & bedtime routine to start diffusing and leave it running while we sleep.  I haven’t lived.


Frankincense Essential Oil.

doTERRA Frankincense 15 ml

My friend Katlin sent me a sample of Frankincense a few weeks ago, and I have literally treated it like liquid gold. I found I could purchase a bottle on Amazon, and while I feel like I’m betraying my friends who sell it, I had a gift card, and Amazon sells it for about $40 less. What would you do?

It seems to help my boys to calm down for sleep; Collin is noticeably more relaxed as I rock him for a nap.  I dab it on my wrists and behind my boy’s ears before leaving the house. I have been diffusing it in our bedroom and the air has never inhaled so deliciously.  If I had to choose between smelling coffee or frankincense for the rest of my life, I choose Frankie hands-down, and if you know this coffee lover, that’s borderline blasphemy.   If you’re a Cath like moi, you will recognize the scent during Mass celebrations or solemnities in the form of incense: a little more smokey, but still heavenly.

I’ve been doing some research (aka blog reading and wikipedia scanning) on the different types of Frankincense along with comparing to other EO companies which all sell different species of the Boswellia family: Young Living sells Boswellia Carteri, and B. Sacra. DoTerra Sells B. Frereana.  While B. Sacra (sacred Frankincense) is the highly prized species of Frankincense, each species smells slightly different. I stuck to DoTerra out of not wanting to be disappointed by trying something new, and I’m happy I did.  Though, I want to experiment down the road.


Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic, Raspberry Leaf, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

A perfect wind down routine for this gal includes this tea.
Organic Raspberry Leaf is supposed to be beneficial for women’s cycles, cramps, as well as for pregnant ladies in the last half of their pregnancy, as red raspberry leaf tones the uterus to prep for the ol’ heave ho.
The flavor is similar to a black tea, with a slight bitterness, though smoothed out with a hint of raspberry, and if you so desire, a drizzle of honey.  And I do, every evening after the Tasmanians are a’slumber.


Stinkbug Naturals Patchouli Deodorant.

Props of C. Svellinger

My mother started making sure we avoided deodorants/antiperspirants which contained aluminum while we were still in high school.  At first I thought she was being a little nuts.  But as we all learn our parents are smarter than we wanted to believe when we were 16 years old, I did too.  This isn’t an olympic performance deodorant, but It does me just fine on the day-to-day regular mom stuff, and I ain’t rubbing poison on my pits. If this doesn’t reveal my inner flower child, then move on to number 5.


Cashmere Bath Co. Talc-free body powder.

I use this powder on the pits, after applying my Stinkbug deodorant, and it acts as my antiperspirant.  Again, I’m not an awfully sweaty person, so this works for me.  Craig, on the other hand? Gorilla.  Bless him, though, he still avoids deodorants containing aluminum.

 There.  I’ve revealed myself as a closet earthy child. I guess.
…I mean, patchouli?  yeah.  I love it.
Either that (and ye prejudiced ENT specialist may sing the song of vindication somewhere out there), or I’m getting old and turning 30 this year. yipe!

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