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Still pregnant!  I’ve never been this impatient before.  The reason for this is because on Holy Thursday round ’bouts 5pm, I began having true, blue, time-able contractions. The kind that start in my back, wrap around to the front, radiate down my thighs and make me feel like imma puke.

After 2 hours of these puppies going on for a minute to a minute and a half long, every 4 minutes, I was like “Craig, don’t freak out but you better pack your bag.”
I took a nap at 7, and at 8pm, the contractions woke me up, more intense.  They lasted til 10pm and I was mentally prepping for the bigguns to catch fire.

We laid down with our boys, and I tried to doze  …and I noticed the contractions occurring further and further apart.
Next thing I know, it’s 3am and I’m up with a full bladder but no more contractions.

Good Friday the contractions puttered on and off, for a few hours they were time-able, but then they just fizzled out.

By the time Saturday rolled in, I reckoned to Craig that we should go mall-walking like an old couple because this was just stupid.   I further realized we better find some quick Easter garb for the boys because it was looking like we’d be going to Mass come Sunday.
Old Navy pulled through nicely.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger
So did Godiva Vanilla Bean Soft serve ice cream. It’s the first time I’d had that stuff, and golly. Just golly.

Surely I’d go into labor on Saturday night.
Surely NOT.

So we made it to Mass for Easter Sunday. The boys all got A’s for their performance report, but still I was super crabby and during the SIGN OF PEACE, I turned around to shake hands with a lovely mama who gave me a pitying look and said, “Ooh! I hope it’s a girl this time?”

And I, full of my Easter joy gave her my most candid BRF and said, “Mm- IT’S NOT.”

While we’re on the subject, let’s just get this straight. Right?

Yeah. Point 2 seconds after turning around I felt like the biggest, whale-est, awfulest BRF person in life ever. And thank merciful, risen Jesus Christ, that lady and her family happened to not be one of the Judas Iscariot eat n’ leave early folk, and I took the first second after Mass had ended to turn around and tell her I shouldn’t be allowed to speak to people and I was so sorry for being rude.

She was so sweet to me and nodded in understanding as she introduced Craig and I to her 4 young children and husband who happens to be one of SIX BOYS.

OY VEY, MA. Six boys.


4 doesn’t feel too bad, now.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger
This is the sole photo I have of any of us in our Easter getup. Lexington tore his clothes off as soon as we got home and threw himself in for a nap. We’ll gettum next time. Also: The ties didn’t fly.


But yeah… Craig and I decided a month or so back that we’d get an additional ultrasound and find out the gender because I discovered that as I purchased an adorable Etsy headband for the maybe-baby-girl in my womb, that IF we in fact did have a 4th boy, perhaps not having the few weeks to “mourn” the girl we both had prayed for might lead to postpartum depression.  Maybe not, but I’ve never liked surprises anyway.

I’m glad we found out we’re having another boy because I was allowed to feel the feminist-crazy-rage toward penises for a week or two and be done with it.  Really.
98% at total peace with it.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger
We did catch some park time!


I’ve moved on to other things, like the fact that I was due yesterday, and we still DON’T HAVE A NAME for the child. We will, we always do.

Until we meet Mr. Mama’s Snuggly Bug, I just be like dis all day:

Young Frank

While my family watches me just like dat.


  1. I am due with my #7 in June. This will be my fifth boy, fourth in a row. We have bggbbb(b due in June). I adore all my kids of course, but its the boys that steal my heart in a way no one else could :) Not at all to take away from my love of my wonderful daughters, who also hold a very special place in my heart, but it is true that boys take care of their mamas in a different way. I did not imagine myslef with so many boys, but I also never imagined how much my heart would melt over my sons. Its easy in a way to imagine a daughter, because being the same gender does allow you to have many things in common. And that is fantastic and so special. But my world has been turned inside out (in the best way possible) with having so many sons! They are tender and sweet and wild and hilarious and beautiful and fun…
    I love reading your blog. You are beautiful and so are your boys. God bless you as you welcome and adjust to life with your new baby boy :)

  2. Hang in there and be of good cheer! Our 4th boy was the SWEETEST most bestest baby in the whole wide world. Never cried, not even when he was born. They laid him on me and he just looked up into my eyes. He was always such a happy baby – a true blessing. Your sweet boy #4 will be here in perfect timing and you will soon forget how dreadful this wait was!

  3. Praying for you. My youngest was a week overdue and that week lasted approximately seven years. Hope it’s very very soon and that all that early labor makes it over with quick!

  4. Oh my gosh. My heart aches for you… I hope you have that baby SOON. Like now… If you haven’t already! I keep hoping I’ll be like 2 weeks early, which is bad because I should set the expectations so high.

  5. Aw, the gender comments! We are expecting number 4 as well, but don’t yet know the gender. We have two girls, and one boy. And almost EVERYONE has said, “I hope it’s a boy for Gideon’s sake!” Which boils my blood. Why? Why does he “need” a brother? I am pretty sure it’s this new one is a girl. Also what does that say about him having only sisters now? Is that bad? Um, no. Brothers and sisters can be very close, and he will know SO much about girls, he’ll make an awesome husband (or priest!). God knows dude. God knows what gender to give what family at what time.

    Thinking very labor-y thoughts for you!

    Also uber jealous of that ice cream…

  6. I honestly think most moms of the boy’s only club are prettier. It’s something about the little wenches stealing your beauty? Because science. And babycenter.com forums.

    But congratulations on another teeny weenie, you’ll be spoiled your whole life and probably none of your children will every call you a bitch to your face. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. And not that I’m fearful for Genevieve’s high school tenure…)

  7. I just love your posts Carolyn! Hang in there!

    And your little boys are so precious. What a gift to be surrounded by so many boys to love and be loved on by! Congratulations on the fourth. Will be praying for you and a safe delivery!

  8. I get it, I get it…sometimes you just gotta find out so you can accept it before actually seeing the baby. It helps, I only found out with numba 5 but it helped get me through the last bits.

    And boys are great, you make really cute ones, it’s great! (That’s meant to be encouraging!?)

  9. Ive been so full of contractions too, those silly teasing ones that get mildly painful and about 5 mins apart and then go “ok, good enough for today,” leaving me wide awake and disappointed at 4 in the morning. Im still a week out from my due date so im sending good labor vibes your way because nothing is more frustrating than seeing the due day come and go.

  10. I totally feel you on the finding out the sex thing. I am pregnant with our 3rd girl! and we decided that until we get a boy we’ll keep finding out. I would rather know already and be at peace with it, than be “disappointed” when another girl is born. I think that could lead to postpartum depression for me as well. It doesn’t help that with each of our 3 pregnancies so far we thought it was going to be a boy!
    Good luck on these last few days being pregnant! I will be praying for you and for a safe delivery for your sweet little boy #4! Can’t wait to find out what you name him! :)

  11. my husband is one of 5 boys born within 7 years of each other. They are all SO close. Your boys are all so lucky to have each other. Our boy name was Lucas John, but we are having another girl, so now we are in the opposite boat with no girl name. Sorry for the discomfort of the past few days, but hopefully it will help come ‘go time’ with much of the dilating work already done and a smooth, quick labor!

  12. My husband is one of 9 boys, no girls! His mother is still beautiful since she didn’t have a girl to steal her looks!

  13. You have me cracking up! You are hilarious. I had four boys in a row and had that weird stop then start labor with number four. NOT FUN. I will say prayers for you and the little guy. A little side note just so you know it’s possible, after the four boys I had three girls is a row! God bless you.

  14. Dude, I am totally in the same boat–well, not exactly the same, but I am due with my third today and I had some hopeful-looking practice labor last week but–nada. Here I am, more preggo than I’ve ever been, still no name, but so ready to move on to the next phase!

    Keep on truckin’, mama. It’s got to happen eventually, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.


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