4 years ago

Will You Help Meh? + Jen and Hallie, HOSTING A CONFERENCE?!

Can we do some blog talk, for a few minutes?  No! No, don’t leave meh. I need your help.
I have a unquenchable passion for Life.  Hence the name 4Life4Life. BUT.
The direction I’m taking this blog has long since deviated from its original Pro-Life advocacy purpose. I’m taking a less direct route toward converting hearts to valuing human dignity by sharing my own mom heart.
This blog has taught me a lot about myself; and, through blogging I’ve met and made friends with some inside-and-out-beautiful people.
I have some changes in mind and I need your help.

Where am I taking this blog?

I want to use this blog as a stepping stool for my long term goals, and it’s time that I share them with you:
  • I want to open an Etsy shop selling illustrations: Life affirming, Christian illustrations.
  • I want to write and illustrate a children’s book.
Those are my long term goals. And by long term, I’m talking 5+ years (HEAVY emphasis on the +).  If it took Jennifer Fulwiler 5 years to write her Memoir, I think it’s realistic for me to assume it’ll take the same or longer given my personality and the children who won’t nap at the same time for at least an hour (PLEASE, little people! It’s like they think they’re my first priority or something…).

How am I going to reach my long term goals?

Well, I have some short term goals.
Right now, they are:
  • Continue to write, just as I am, but with more frequency.
  • Monetize this blog and make dat cayyysh munie off’em.
  • With dat cayyysh munie, I can buy:
Last thing I want to be is another Santa ringing his shiny bell and empty red bucket in your face.
And for certain the VERY LAST THING I want to be is taking money you’d otherwise give to a charitable cause, like The Elizabeth New Life Center (site currently under construction).
So I don’t want to be that blogger.
But I was visiting Wifeytini and I think what she’s done is pretty excellent.
At the bottom of her page is (was) a virtual tip jar.
It’s just always there for anyone who likes her stuff and wants to support what she does.
That’s what I’m going to do. It’ll just be there, on the side bar.  It looks like this:
tip jar
The “jar” button links to a secure Paypal site where you can donate any amount you may wish.
When I make enough “tips” to buy my own domain and design my new page, then I’ll make the move.
In a way, this puts the timing into God’s hands. I have been praying since our oldest son, Lexington, was born for God to work through my writing. Though I’ve been writing/journaling since the second grade, I’ve felt significant growth in how I deliver my messages after he was born.
The growth of this blog is also in your hands, dear friend. Only a friend would continue to read what I write.
So I thank you for your friendship and support, in prayers especially.

If you want to promote a mom who writes about:

  • Catholicism
  • Art
  • Parenting
  • Prolife advocacy
  • NFP
  • Natural Holistic Women’s Health
  • Our journey with a child of a Heart Defect
  • Our journey with a child of Autism/Developmental Delays,
  • Breast feeding,
  • Drinking MOARCOFFEE
  • Cookies
leave me a tip.
If I can get enough, I can buy a domain name.
Then I can choose my own advertisers, then I can make some cheddarcheeeeze.
And I can continue to build toward my long term goals.
These things take time.
Especially if you have a little baby boy wallowing in your face as you write.
Right now, I write into the dead of night because it’s the only time someone doesn’t need me.  Most times, I am writing on my iPhone. Sometimes, I fall asleep, and drop said phone on my son’s sleeping head, cuddled under my chin. Yes. New level of mom fail.
And that’s why I’m about the coffee.
I’m in God’s hands. And yours.  Thank you for your generosity in any amount of dollars, but more significantly, prayers.
I’ll be keeping you all updated, and give you some chances in helping me pick a new name and look to the site, when/if the time comes.
It’s also my birthday month.  Just putting that out there.
#, #, #