6 years ago

Why You Must be Pro-Life to Stop Bullying

Many of my friends now may not believe it, but I was pretty badly bullied while I was young.
I can only attribute my education of God’s love, mercy and the Beatitudes to the fact that I didn’t grow up to be some vindictive mean girl. And my parents. Well, they educated me and they helped me and they hugged me.

I rode the bus to school every morning and I rode it home every day after school. I remember the trip to my house took somewhere between 1/2hr to 45 minutes. I was one of the last ones dropped off. I would often become carsick while the others raucously bounced around shouting and screaming.
I honestly can’t remember the names of the two or three boys who would gang-up on me but I remember their faces very well.

They would hang over the back of their seat, loom over me and just make fun of my teeth, my clothes and my nose.

Now, I’ll give it to them, my teeth were the worst I’ve ever seen on any other human being. I could comfortably fit my thumb under my overbite and could not close my precious lips over my two front teeth which were bumpy at the edges. My bottom teeth were a train wreck.
Even today, almost 15 years after my braces were removed, I still run my tongue along the bottom row of perfectly straight teeth in appreciation.

I had nightmares -and sometimes still do- about my teeth.
I was made fun of for my un-girlish figure. Apparently, if a girl is athletic, puberty can be delayed a little. I was taller than many, chicken-legged and flat-chested. And I got made fun of for it. I remember a very specific individual not wanting to pair up with me during rehearsal for the musical our school’s Drama Club was producing because “she’s flat as a board!”
I remember thinking to myself “good, I think you’re gross anyway” but it completely ruined my enjoyment of the performance that year. I dearly love theatre!

I was also bullied over my religion. But I’m saving that story for later because it’s a good one.

So I hope you get the idea, I was bullied and called names. It hurt me but God created me to be strong. Strong I am.

Bullying is in the media limelight right now. But the media isn’t connecting the resolving of this issue to looking toward the pro-life movement.

A true, real pro-lifer values EACH and EVERY human life on this earth as worthy.

A real pro-lifer doesn’t throw insults to hurt another human being because of his or her looks, religion, illness, handicap, or whatever else may be different about that person.

A real pro-lifer never bullies someone because of a disagreement.

But the people who don’t value human life: they bully. They insult. They use vulgar, derogatory language to cause shock and harm to someone who is different.

Those bullies are to be pitied because they lack the education required to bring about peace in this world.
We should pray for the bullies.

We should pray for the people who don’t or won’t acknowledge that when a unique human life is created, that human is to be protected and treated as equal in value to even the most prominent figure in our world.

We should pray for this realization to occur within the prejudiced minds of the individuals who have not been taught to know better. They need compassion of a different kind, and love. Bullies need love too. Because obviously, they’ve not been educated with love.

I think we should also pray for the people who recognize bullying as a problem, but don’t or won’t connect the issue to valuing each human life as a beholder of dignity.

Once we can unite on the fact that human life is sacred and not to be thrown out as unviable or unworthy or unwanted, I believe our world could vastly change for the better. Bullies and all.

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