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When is Life Worth Saving?

As it goes, I had probably the worst night’s sleep last night. That’s what I get for offering up sacrifices… Ah, I joke.  But really. I need coffee.  

I wanted to post this article because I continue to be absolutely astounded at the complete rejection of science by -sadly- the vast majority of people I know and, as ObamaCare has been upheld, many Americans as well.  But my mom made a good point to me:  How could we expect anything less from the same court that passed Roe v. Wade?

I posted this on FB:

A common misconception by abortion proponents and even those who think artificial contraceptives and EC’s are okay is that “pregnancy” beings at implantation, and that is the important issue at hand.

I agree that pregnancy begins at implantation… but WHEN DOES LIFE BEGIN? the answer is at CONCEPTION. A new life must be created -that is, conceived- before it may be implanted.

Contraceptives without a doubt prevent pregnancy… but the more important issue at hand is that they kill a LIFE to do so.

So my next question, since so many reject these facts, is: By what logic or type of self-created science do the opponents of these facts figure when human life is created?  

What exactly IS created, if there is no human being just moments before implantation?  Was it just a lifeless, formless blob o’ cells that spontaneously “knows” (within each and every human female’s womb, nonetheless) that it needs to be implanted?  Because if said blob is really not alive, wouldn’t it just sit there, like a ball of dirt?  Like a pebble?

And if this blob IS alive… is it a living polar bear?  a living bumble bee? a living fish?

If this blob is not a human blob, what is it, then?  

I can answer all of these questions, but I want to know what others think, if they’ve thought about it at all. 

Because if we have no other answer- if that blob is nothing other than a human being, then how can we reconcile our ease of mind when we talk about our acceptance or welcoming of abortion or contraceptives which can and do abort a human being?  

I often hear the worn-out… “well, it may be human, but it’s not viable” or “I can’t afford that one right now” 

But think about the source of these excuses… they completely ignore the equal value of all human life.  If the life isn’t quite capable of jumping jacks yet, we may dismiss it as disposable.  If the life makes us feel uneasy about our own comfort, the life is dismissed as disposable.  And I mean disposable in the worst sense.  Not put in the corner.  Not ignored.  But terminated.  Killed.  …killed? Really?  That’s our answer? That is what America upholds?  Land of the free?

And that’s the complete wrong way to think.  All life is indispensable.  However dismayed I may feel about the presence of a human being in my life, that human has a right to be there just the same.  No matter his/her color, size, development, malform-ities, diseases, gender, income, sexual preference, dependencies, addictions, no matter his/her rapist father or the annoying habit of loudly whistling a happy tune when I don’t want to hear it.

 Because as long as we can rationalize that the tiniest, most innocent form of human life is not worthy of its right to life, then I believe the rest of the world will always continue to manifest racism, sexism, genocide, slavery, trafficking, and all other forms of the objectification of a human life.  

I am bewildered that this isn’t at the forefront of every American’s thoughts as we approach elections.  That people actually get offended when the subject is brought up. Where is the offense to be had?  

How can I be personally offended when talking about the value of human life?  I can’t!  It is a discussion I want to have!  Why would we be offended when talking about this?  I’ve experienced close family members and friends who’ve become wildly offended to the point of irrational and insulting words being barked at me, and then they refuse to discuss it at all.  Why?  Why the instant shut-down?  Why the insults?  Why the vulgar language?  Why do these people think that I am personally attacking?  I ask pretty general questions.  Easy ones to think about or research.  I don’t seek anyone out by name.  I write on my blog and I contribute to pro-life causes… yet I am the one getting sought out and insulted.  

What is there to be afraid of?  What is there to even get angry about? 

If I am completely upside down wrong, I want to be treated the same way I write.  With logic. with science. with questions. with heart.  I may have a passion for this subject, but I am not afraid or personally offended to hear the other side.

{perhaps that’s mostly because I’ve been on the other side and asked the questions to myself already :) }

When is Life Worth Saving?

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