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Bear With Me on This One, and Please Forgive Me.

Again. Look at it. It’s SCIENCE, not religion, that explains why birth control is TERRIBLE for you and your baby that you may never know you had. This is a truth that is hard to come by. Why? Because then when we accept it, we have to accept a greater responsibility for our reproductive health.

AS WE SHOULD. I am a woman for goodness sake! Why wouldn’t I want to know how my amazing female body works? And how would knowing hurt me? For certain, it takes some work. It takes some time out of my day, reading and studying. I’ve got two toddlers and a house to keep up along with constant morning sickness- I do it. Isn’t it worth it to any true feminist? To know what her body does and can do? To not want to suppress her natural gift of nature?

I feel like the other “feminists” who ignorantly claim that a fetus is “my body” are unknowingly and woefully mislead by MEN: Men who want to have sex without consequence. Many partners. Dispose of any evidence of abuse. Men who paint and market women as objects that can be tailored to look however they want (hair extensions? Implants? Injections? Lingerie? Plastic surgery? Anyone?), used to momentarily satisfy their spastic sexual fantasy, only to be able to dump the object and move onto the next one. “GIT ER DUN!”

What are those “feminists”, really? They think they’re really independent??? Sexual freedom? It’s enslavement. In her sexual revolution, this woman has chained herself to a (crappy) man, to do his bidding. For a man’s pleasure. A man who doesn’t value a woman and her dignity, her true femininity, her true beauty and mystique as a rightful to-be-revered creation. To push for birth control. “I don’t want you getting pregnant and ruining my life” so pop a Pill and let’s get it on, woman!

Or these feminists think poppin that cancer inducing pill will ensure them true equality in the workplace, a rewarding career. They think children are the enslavement. I hate to inform those “feminists” that if it weren’t for their mother, and her love or “enslavement”, they wouldn’t be blessed with the chance to scratch their way up the career ladder they’re scaling at the moment. I feel like these “feminists” have a shallow, puddle-like view of their world and the worth of their life.
I’m stopping right there. Being in the first trimester and having a 1 & 2.5 year old -one who’s sick right now- it sometimes takes me a week of periodic writing to complete one blog entry. I go at it like it’s my job or something… ANYWAY— What I wrote above was laced -actually FUMIGATED- with anger, over-generalization and sarcasm.

It’s so easy to be angry after reading or witnessing ignorance parading as intelligence.

And even at that, ignorance can be intelligent.

Here are my renewed thoughts, and this time, with compassion and love:

I’ve been sick to death wondering why so many women ignore the science of chemical contraceptives: That they increase the risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer. That they mask the ailments a woman has and don’t treat her problem. That they have the ability to chemically abort an already conceived human being.

It angers me that women are so stubbornly supportive of such a chemical, even to the extent that they are willing to risk chemically aborting a human they’ll never see in order to better plan for their future.

The link above provides scientific fact behind my assertions. I have many more scientific links in support throughout my blog but I’m not taking the time to retrieve them…

I realized today that many women in support of contraceptives believe there is no other way.

What got me to calm down happened today, obviously… I read an article by Kristen Walker, a pretty retro, hip and funny pro-life advocate. I love her astute honesty and sometimes I (regretfully) relish her brutal generalizations on the left-minded pro-abort individual.

So, in my constant nagging way, I shared it with my Facebook pals.
One of my high school friends commented saying that while the article was funny and entertaining, she felt she was being more responsible by taking birth control so that she could better herself -finish school, save money, own house- before starting a family. She asked why she should be made to feel irresponsible for doing that: improving her life.

I love my friend. How can I possibly want to make her feel like she’s doing the wrong thing, and she’s a bad person for wanting to plan for her future? I could never!

I realized that while both sides are busy telling each other who’s wrong and who’s right, hardly anyone is giving the safer alternative. I am so constantly trying to edify my correctness with the facts that I don’t provide the ways to know better.

The answers are out there. They’re just kind of hard to find.

By my friend’s calculations, she is doing the right thing. She’s trying to be the best she can be, the safest she can be and the smartest.

But what she doesn’t seem to fully know is what I so angrily introduced in the beginning of this entry: a woman’s natural way of telling her what’s going on.

This is a woman’s responsibility. She will be empowered to know it.
We are given boobs, a uterus and ovaries for a reason. Yes, they are for a baby, but they tell us more than that.
It’s hard work, understanding this and trying to improve ourselves. Many times, it requires a lifestyle change: no smoking/drinking, diet change, exercise etc. But it is, IT IS the better way. It is the healthiest way.

While the question of whether or not chemical contraceptives cause or reduce the risk of cancer is constantly being battled, this alternative zeros out the question completely. This natural way, can probably reduce risks to any cancer, providing that it requires a woman to live in the healthiest way according to her personal needs possible.

This is what pro-lifers should be concerned about just as much as saving lives. I know many are focused on this too…. but many others are just angry. Don’t be angry! No one responds to anger well.

I am so guilty of this. Almost 3 years ago I wrote an entry filled with frustration and anger at the ignorance of many toward their understanding of chemical contraceptives. The article was supported with truth but written with malice. It rendered some family members who have been close to me all my life very distant. VERY distant. I made those people feel accused of doing something terrible.

While what they may or may not have been doing is still wrong, according to science and Christianity, they closed their hearts to it because of the manner in which I presented it.

Since then, I have tried to be careful and compassionate, mainly posting articles that support my findings instead of writing my thoughts alone.

You live, you learn.

So here we are again, Contraceptives the hot topic because of the HHS Obama Mandate. I have an opportunity to talk, write and educate people about it. I can offer what I know!

I’m going to try to do just that. If I can, legally… It will take some time ( LIKE MONTHS ), because as I said, I don’t have hours on end to sit and research and write. But I hope to be part of the community that wishes to bring a woman up, to help her understand her body better than to suppress it with fake hormones that can harm her in the long run.
I pray for the perseverance!

Bear With Me on This One, and Please Forgive Me.

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