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What I Wore Sunday!

So FINALLY I am participating in What I Wore Sunday.  This is a little Catholic blogger link-up of ladies hosted by Fine Linen & Purple just to give each other some inspiration for what to wear to church each week.  This Sunday was the first time (out of 8 weeks) that I’ve: 

A) remembered to get a photo of myself.
B) actually gotten someone to take a photo of me. 

So to keep it short (cause all three of my boys are napping right NOW) here we go!

My husband took the first photo, and yes, I sloppily photoshopped it so no one can tell how messy my kitchen was hee hee heeee:

I’m nearly 3 months post partum and I’m still wearing my maternity clothes.  I’m beginning to enter the REALLY annoying phase where my maternity clothes are a little too big and my larger sized non-maternity clothes are still too small.  

My pants are jeggings from A Pea in the Pod, and they were not cheap.  But considering that I have worn them since the spring, all through the summer, and still now, they are worth it.
The tee underneath is a side ruched tee, again from A Pea in the Pod.  
The cardigan is a cream, cotton Ann Taylor cardigan that I bought last winter on sale for $15.  I bought a black one too because the price was right. I wear the cream and black cardigan VERY often.  The draped open front creates the illusion of a smaller belly… which is great for a post partum momma.

And meee shoes….arr.  Well, my favorite flats are missing a gem from the toe so I am now wearing a pair of Sperrys which my husband gave me about 4 years ago!

My oldest son took this photo:

And no, I don’t bother to tie them correctly. slip on, slip off.

Here’s some shoulder detail.  ooooh eeeee ahhhh:

And that’s it!  

I’ve never been one to want to wear jeans to Mass, but here I am.  Pregnancy changes the whole game for me.  Until I can fit into my skirts and slacks, jeggings it shall be.

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