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What I Wore Sunday #7

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What I Wore Sunday. Real quick! Linking up with FL&P for inspiration on what to wear to Mass on Sundays.
My pink pants.
They’re pink.
They’re my pants.
Pink. Pants.
They go with me to Mass almost every Sunday.

I had a little trouble photographing today.
A.) We went to evening Mass in a neighboring town and to keep it really real, I always take pics of my outfit after Mass. It’s like I don’t earn photo privileges until after I’ve gotten the work done. Though now that I think about it, I’m always slightly sweaty and disheveled after Mass with my children, so it’d be smarter to photograph before the chaos. But I like I torture myself, apparently.

B.) Collin discovered that he might like eating gravel. But you can’t knock it til you try it. And Mom kept knocking it out of his grabby little paws before he could.

So I began with baby on hip. But I beheaded and “defeeted” myself, which is really fine.  But not what I wanted. Collin was insistent on checking out the rocks and kept lurching toward the ground.
So I let him down, thinking it’d be easier for me to more quickly create a casually-cool-not-trying-too-hard-or-revealing-how-ungraceful-I-am pose. How hard can that be, right?
Look at that little chicken nugget! He’s looking at me, hand inching to the scrumptious pebbles as I smilingly beller “NOOO TOUCHHHH!” as the camera snapped this:


And that’s fine too. But just a profile shot. Not what I wanted. But Collin wouldn’t give up with the rocks. I set the shutter release timer, turned around to catch Collin gumming on a gravel bite, hopped over to fish it out of his mouth, and dashed back. The result:


Can’t hide the gauche. The question remains: did, or did I not fall over backwards?
hmm. A good question. I hate to disappoint, but I have retained a small fraction of coordination from my more athletic years.

One more with the nug.


Famous Pink Pants: JCrew
Top: JCrew
Flops: Tory Burch

Make sure to visit Fine Linen & Purple for a lot better inspiration, and elegance. tsk!

See yas all REALLY soon.  Like, later today. I’m linking up with Jen at Conversiondiary and  posting about NFP a lot this week.

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