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What I Wore Sunday #3 {Can I Still Wear Maternity Clothes?}

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Hooking up with Fine Linen & Purple this Father’s Day Sunday to talk about what I wore… And a bonus: what Dad wore!
So, my outfit is the exact same color scheme from two weeks ago. Pink and white. Same pink pants. Only today I wore a maternity top. Yikes?!
If it is adaptable and still flattering, why restrict your clothes to only being worn when you’re prego? I have a handful of maternity pieces that I still wear, and if you can’t tell, neither will I.  …except for today.

Usually, I would wear a cardi or scarf with a top like this because I prefer to cover my shoulders in the sanctuary. But I tore out of the house so fast today that I forgot that part of my ensemble! Oops.
I wore Collin in my Balboa sling the entire Mass, so he served as my scarf. Baby wearing for the win, right?

I’ve also been playing to excess with different photo editing apps mostly to cover up the fact that in the first photograph, I’m standing in the laundry room with a pile of dirty laundry at my feet. Short of throwing ninja powder and fireworks at the camera I think my covert opps apps succeeded fairly well:

shirt: Gap Maternity
shirt: Gap Maternity
 And here’s my handsome husband with our youngest:
shirt: Lacoste. Pants: Nordstrom
shirt: Lacoste. Pants: Nordstrom
Talk to you all later this week!
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