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What I Wore Sunday #16


I’ve never felt like I could pull off the belt-over-Cardi look.
I tried it for the zillion time Sunday morning and forced myself not to think about how stupid it felt.

wiws beltcardi
Poorly lit photographs brought to you today by my iPhone 4s which responds less and less to my demands.

Made it to a neighboring parish for noon Mass because of our ineptitude to escape Bumpy Bridge before 11am.
This Sunday we experienced Mass en Español.
Ol’ Frenchy here chose the wrong language to study.

wiws beltcardi2

Belt-over-Cardi did me good. It added a hint of glittery autumn-ness to a summer maxi. Go visit FL&P for other modest Church attire inspiration.

wiws beltcardi3
Out of focus photo brought to you by my iPhone 4S which responds less and less to my demands.

[Edited] Ugh, guys, I’m so sorry! I forgot to post the deets:
Maxi: Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet
Cardi: JCrew Outlet
Sparkly Belt: Tarjayyy
Shoes: TBurch

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, please welcome my dear friend Rubilly to the momma/Cath/blogging scene.  We went to high school together and have a common interests in art, musical theatre, bodacious hairstyling, and fashion– though she’s way cuter and fashion-y than I am.  Before she and her sugary family moved out of state, I used to spot her in Mass and take mental notes of her style, and then go home and copy. …because I am completely focused during Mass…  to top it all, her hubz is a fashion designer at Lands End, and so do I even need to say that their children are going to knock your face off with all the cuteness? Anyway, I love her and I know you will too!  Go welcome Momma Roo!

Come back and see me tomorrow- I’ve scheduled a heartfelt post which I’ve been thinking about for months:

3 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding.

Yup, come on by and share your story, and learn about your baby’s Breastfeeding personality!

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