4 years ago

What I Wore Sunday #15



I told yas awll ’tis the season to be busy.

Where’ve I been!?
I have a 7 Quick Takes Friday drafted and still not completed so I’ll be saving it for this Friday.

But to summarize last week:
I had my very first blogger meet-up with Cathso sister Krystin; discovered we have another rodent thinking it ain’t no thang to take up residency in our SUV and thus the subsequent interior detailing completed by yours truly; more therapy sessions with Emmett; making some family living decisions; sacrificing ourselves to the Dutch Oven of our hometown’s annual Apple Festival; and today, visiting with extended family for one of my youngest cousin’s birthday celebration.  …and please tell me I used the semicolons correctly, though I have a feeling I did not.
I promise to give youse guys the play-by-play of my critter-hunting later this week. Charming, I know. So, so charming.

I know there are mucho mas high-energy mommas out there doing way more than that, but for this momma with low levels of tolerance for extracurriculars, it’s got me exhausted. My babies reflect it too, I believe. Collin just took a 2 hour nap post a snoozy hour through Mass. That’s a long nap for my hour-nap-a-day boy.

Here’s What I Wore Sunday (thank you FL&P for hosting):

Processed with VSCOCAM with lv01 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Shoes: a gift from my Fashion Studying Sis. Tory Burch.
Pantalones: same skinnies from weeks previous.
Navy Cardi: LOFT.
Cream eyelet top: LOFT clearance.
Sunnies: Mother’s Day gift 3ish years ago: Burberry.


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