4 years ago

What I Wore Sunday 14

I am in recovery mode so this post happens now and not yesterday, as I’d originally planned.
Recovery, I say?

Oh, just something to do with coming to grips with finality that I may never truly know the essence of the following phrase: “what an enjoyable time that picnic was!”.
That story comes later today.
But first!

We went to Mass, but alas, not went me pink pants.
In the Bumpy closet they rested, pink and lively and dejected.  …see what I did there?  a little POE-etic, eh? Okay, whatever. I won’t do it again– Nevermore, I say!

Back to my usual black and white maxim.
Pictures of BRF today are brought to you by negative levels of caffeine:

wiws RBF

This. This is the absence liquid gold.
Okay so, no close-ups.  Let’s just do a distance shot; which is more of the driveway than is of the outfit:

wiws RBF2

Or, the “don’t look at me”:

wiws RBF3

So there we go.
The tunic-y top– JCrew
Pantalones– Express, a long time ago
Shoes– not made for gravel playgrounds, I’ll just tell you that much right now.

Come by later today for story time.
In the meantime, go see what the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple are wearing to Mass.

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