4 years ago

What I Wore Sunday #12


Halloh theer.

Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogw– waiiiiit… What I Wore Sunday.
I’m currently tangled up in a handful of books that I’d like to be reading, but I can’t.  I just can’t at the moment.  The entire Harry Potter series is among them.  Every Autumn since I was a freshman in highschool (10+ years) I think of Harry Potter.  And Autumn is a’comin.
Anyway, the POINT is that I am going to be having less time on my hands… as will everyone else.
SO my plan is to write quality, not quantity.

And now you’ll see my true motive:  My post about the Mass is still not finished.  I haven’t worked on it in a week.
But I promise to deliver!  But I’ve come to a point where I’m wondering what in the wide world of fashion and all things so much lovelier than my style am I doing posting my outfits every Sunday. I will be cutting my posts back to every other week so that I can dedicate more time writing the things I initially set out to write– errr blog.  I guess the persnickety and published writer is offended by the blogger who thinks she “writes”.  WHATEVVVV.




Glasses.  My prescription is slight, but my vision fuzzy enough that it impairs my driving, especially at night. So I take them off when I’m talking to you.


Hairs.  I learned to do this while making our bridesmaid bouquets for my sister’s wedding.  The florist shop from which she’d purchased her flowers did this really cute afternoon thing where the bride and bridesmaids spent an afternoon together, assembling and wrapping all of the flower arrangements for the wedding. So when it came to wrapping the bouquets with ribbon, we folded the tail and pinned it in such a way that I thought, I’m trying this with bobby pins in my hair tonight.  And I did. And it worked. Woo hoo.  If I’d had about 30 minutes more to myself Sunday morning, I would have curled my hair.  But 30 minutes n’existe pas to Momma C, so I plopped a felt bow in there to compensate.  But not that I’m looking at it, it would’ve looked better without.

Okay, go see what the other fine ladies at FL&P wore to Mass this week– and I’ll catch you back here later this week!  Love and peace!

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