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What I Wore Sunday #10


WUH-WUH-Welcome to this week’s What I Wore Sunday Post with FL&P!

‘Twas a busy weekend full of Zoo chaos. Sweaty Zoo chaos. Craig, my bro-in-law, AND my little bro all work together. For the same company. How excellent is that? It really is. They enjoy it, and boy do my sister and I enjoy commiserating over the stresses of freight brokerage and rejected truckloads of strawberries or chicken. BAH! Plus side, the company hosted a Zoo day for the fams.

Mrs. Introvert was entirely put out by this event so I dasnt fuss over picking out my Mass outfit.
C’est la vie, mon chéri. (PLEASE pronounce that in your best Duck Dynasty Si voice)
I asked Craig to get my picture in front of this red two door VW Golf because that was MY CAR …until I flipped it twice through a wooden horse fence 5ish years ago. If I were completely wasteful and could have a spare “mom’s car”, I’d find another red Golf. MMM VW’s have a distinct special interior smell that I miss! …only sometimes, when I think about it, which is only when a little red two-door goes tootin on by the Armada heifer.
Anyway, this is the best shot Craig got: Me telling him to go stand so I’m not looking directly into the sunlight.


Ah durrrr.
And then it was me to my own shutter-release-timer-iphone-camera shots:


Me backin’ up, backin’ up, backin’ up…


….Aaaaaaand adjust shirt …or maybe pick a wedgie. (read: actual wedgie, not German wedgie)

Top: Tarjayyyy (Grace wore this shirt and I scrambled to fine one cause it looked like the perfect V-cut, and it is. I’m not a cleavage-showing sister, and nearly all V-cuts assume that the women who want to wear them are.) anyway, it was kind of a “…I saw Kady Heron wearing army pants and flipflops, so I bought army pants and flipflops…” moment. whatever. Grace is my homes. …but she don’t know it. No creeper or anything… really. … . . . Yes, Grace, ’twas I who googled “Grace Patton minty fresh” to find your post.
Pants: the infamous JCrew Pink Pants which I’ve only washed once and you’ve seen featured like 200 times.
Shoes: the benefit of having a sister-in-law who’s in fashion school and bought some Tory Burches a size too small. BEST DAY EVER for ol Momma Bear.
Necklace: Bought before we knew about Dave Ramsey. That’s all I’m sayin.

Since I didn’t do my my Friday Quick Takes, come back to visit tomorrow or Wednesday and I’ll join in Hallie’s 5 Faves.

Also come by later this week or next (if my children prohibit my typings) for a post about CATHOLICISMMMM and the Mass, and why the Mass is like a dictionary. ..that sounds boring, does it not? That’s the point: loads of people (myself included for some years) make that complaint about the Mass. I’ma gonna connect the two.

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  1. um. first of all — those are phone pics??? I need that app. And I should just send you my mint shirt — you look so much better in the v-neck than I do!!! And please tell me you hired a surrogate …… you’ve never had children right? (kidddddding but — really!)

    1. I love the shirt so much I probably should have bought 2 of each color. Hang-dryin is on the menu for their cleaning routine- I fear one tumble through the dryer will kill their mojo. Graciasss for visiting meh.

    2. …and yeees, iphone pics. I’d never complete a post if I couldn’t rock a baby/feedthem/cook and edit a photo at the same time. I use a billion different apps and layer my favorite features from each one.

  2. Totally crushing on the hot pink pants from J Crew. I wish I could wear them. Unfortunately I would look like a rather large watermelon. Not flattering at all but you rock them! Have a fabo week!


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