6 years ago

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“We don’t want word to get out to the negro population that we want to exterminate them” -Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood, to this day, stands by the statement of one of its former presidents: “we are proud of our past and planning for our future.”

If you go to PP’s website, their Mission Statement is:  ”a reason for being”

It’s sick. My stomach lurches when I see and hear friends of mine defend such an organization and ideology.  At this point, I believe I’ve come off as the looney who thinks “Planned parenthood is a conspiracy to kill off everyone”

The people who read me as this are partly right.  Planned Parenthood wants to kill people, it’s their business, duh.  But they only want to kill the “inferior race” and the “undesirable, human weeds”.
Also, it’s not a conspiracy.  It’s right out there in the open.  
Look at the facts, consider what a human being IS, the numbers, where PP is actually building their facilities, and how PP won’t help a woman in need unless she “needs” an abortion… .  It’s all out there, PP isn’t even being sneaky about it. They’re just using words, emotion and empowerment rhetoric to make people believe that PP has all the right tools to form a woman’s conscious when it comes to her “reproductive rights”

Also, it would do one well to study the word Eugenic, and do some more digging on Margaret Sanger. If Planned Parenthood is all about “choosing”, then it would be prudent to know the ideology behind the company who’s making money off of our “decision”.

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