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This week in Svelltown: Sparkle giveaway, Hand-dancing, and something else entirely.

Three important things of note this week in Svelltown:


I’m giving away $25 to shop at Wrenn Jewelry today on Instagram.  If you follow me, go see, go see!  The giveaway ends today.

The giveaway is a special one because Alissa is debuting her Autumn collection this week -a ton of gorgeous pieces- AND, it’s not the annoying “like and repost” kind of giveaway.
Most of the time, if I have to repost to enter, I don’t do it at all because I loathe flooding everyone’s feed with random giveaway spam– That’s what Twitter is for.  ;)

Bonus bonus!  Follow the instructions and you’ll discover there are 6 more ways to win $25.  Yay! Sparklies! Note: You’ll need to view this Instagram giveaway on your mobile device in order to see the “loop” part (you tap the screen once and a tagged name pops up, you tap the name and continue).


Kelly, from This Ain’t the Lyceum, is challenging her bloggy people to a lip sync challenge.

Why? Because.  Here’s her reasoning.

The magical thing I enjoy about this challenge, is knowing these women through their writing, knowing their amazing stories, knowing they’re moms.

They’re moms just like me, who have hard days full of back-to-back soiled diapers; or “I noticed I needed to cut my hair!” followed by cleaning tumbleweeds of that hair which divide and multiply throughout the house; or large bottles of water which have been emptied onto the middle of the family bed, while mom’s hair frizzes and she’s sticky all around because the AC has been out all weekend and it’s 90 degrees and humid as the Amazon. …not that I’m not living that exact scenario right now …but I am.
Not complaining! Digress, please.
these are moms who are not afraid to reveal anything a smidgen less than perfect.  Because heaven forbid, Internet. and Pinterest.

I love me some genuine authenticity.  I think you do too.

Okay, warnings!!
You’ll do extremely well to remember that I’m no stranger to musical performance.  Not that it changes the quality of my performance in any way.  Cause it doesn’t. But you’ll do well to know all the same.

Somewhere along the way of saving my video file, I noticed it saved under “lip cinch challenge” and then after I corrected the file name, I noticed it saved as “Lip lynch challenge”.
I don’t know which I’d prefer.

(update: I just realized synchronization is shortened to sync. not synch. there you go.)

I recorded this last Friday, during the one hour of the day I’ve been feeling kind of human, while waiting for Craig to get home, while watching my boys play in the “sand box” (read: mulch and thorny rose bushes) off to the side, and ended almost immediately regretting the energy spent.  But now I don’t.  I might submit another.  Watch out, Kelly!

The boys? They stare blankly or outright ignore the immense privilege of seeing me dance and sing… or lip sync.
One day, one day, they’ll appreciate.

Superb dance moves to watch out for:

The Smeagol (listen for the first lyrics “arrrroooooou-ha-hound”)
The Sweeper
The Clark Kent-to-Superman-to-Clark Kent again.
Many variations of Jazz hands (Big hand-dancer, here.)
The Swimmer
The Sasquatch
Adding +5 years to the lyrics “even at 25” …cause, folks, dis gurl bout to be three-zeerow.
Wax on, Wax off.

—wait. What do you mean when you say “the one hour of the day when I’ve been feeling kind of human?”


Well, I mean dis:

property of C. Svellinger


Loca es prega. And she es being sicka.
We are super excited!