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The time is nigh. [Sponsored by JORD]

It’s my birthday week!

Initially, I asked for one day where I didn’t have to speak as my present.  Yeah, like no talking. Because I have 4 small children and I homeschool, and for an introvert, each day requires levels of talking-energy which leave me searching for a deep, dark cave once the boys are in bed. Knowing that’s not even a marginally reasonable request, I instead asked for a coffee maker to do pour-overs. I enjoy the process (yes, it’s a little more work), but the flavor and strength of my coffee makes such a difference.

It took me the longest time to discover WHAT those glass science lab things with the wood wrapping the center are called (Chemex). One evening over dinner a few weeks ago, I blurted out “THIS IS IT! LOOK!” and held my screen up showing Craig what I’d been trying to describe.

Lexington loud whispered into Craig’s ear, “HEY! That’s just like the one we bought for mom’s birthday!”

I’m not gnawing on my wooden watch (though Jude thinks it looks delicious), but it’s with the same appreciation for simpler, more artisan crafted times that I admire JORD watches. They emailed me saying do you wanna? and I said


“–wait. Is your watch made out of …WOOD?”

Property of Carolyn Svellinger

I took one look at their website, replied in the positive to their proposal (that I review their watch if they send me one), and the very first time I wore it out of the house, that rose-colored beauty caught the twinkle in the eyes of passerby –and I promise I wasn’t flailing my arms about to the tune of name-your-Disney-soundtrack.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger

I am struck by two things:

1.)  The difficulty in naturally posing for a photograph of a wristwatch. #howmanywayscanigropemyface #heavenforbidtheclichecheckthetimepose
2.)  The total opposite this watch is to my hyper-smart-tech life.  It’s wooden, self reliant (no batteries or operating systems to update), and you can see its skeleton through the front and the back –which is my absolute favorite thing about watches.

Property of Carolyn Svellinger

Property of Carolyn Svellinger

“YES. It is!” I said to the woman who asked me the question, and we both shared our wonder over simpler, less fruit-favoring-tech getting cranked out these days. Nothing wrong with those, btw, but they’re not the ones sending me a watch, are they?

What do I get out of this post, you say? So, so glad you asked.

I asked JORD if they’d offer a special discount to my readers –you, there!–, and they are generously offering
10% off to anyone who orders a JORD watch with code: svellerella786
Look at that! A special little Svell code! Note: the discount is good until NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Off you go, dearie. Tick, tock.  …

Property of Carolyn Svellinger

…had to.


***I edited all photos in this post in Lightroom with the help of TWO BLOOMS Lightroom Presets: a mama-owned business by my dear friend Heather.***

Luxury Wood Watch


  1. Carolyn!
    1) I love, love your blog and your easy-going writing style!
    2) I have been waffling on taking up blogging again (have the site started and everything!) but literally one of the only reasons I want to is because I am literally obsessed with Jord watches, and seeing all of my favorite bloggers receiving them to review makes me really wish that if I blogged enough…maybe? Just mayyybe they’d send me one too?!
    3) I am unashamedly envious and think the wooden watch looks amazing on you, and you totally deserve gifts like this for the amazing work you do with your family, and to encourage your readers!
    4) Hi. I’m Kelsey, I’m one of your fans. And also a big fan of Jord watches. Let’s be e-pals?
    Keep up the great work! I love your blog!


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