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The Protestant Pill Predicament

This is a wonderful elementary intro to the predicament a pro-life Protestant faces while s/he believes it is okay and good to use chemical contraceptives. 

Reading on down after the article, though, are the comments.  Ohh those are always fun..
I was particularly stricken with this one:

So how do the women that want to have sex, but not get pregnant, protect themselves? Condoms do not work 100% of the time and you cannot always rely on the boy to be honest about that in the heat of the moment. And I am not even talking about women having random hook ups. Why isn’t there a contraceptive that works before conception? I believe all of your research, but to say women should not take it is absurd. After reading this, I will keep my IUD in, as i do not want to get pregnant, but still want to be able to have sex with my boyfriend that I have lived with for two years. I am not financially, emotionally or physically prepared to bring a child into the world so I would much rather prevent it in the first place. If there was a contraceptive that stopped it before conception, I would consider switching, but I would not take it out without an alternative. To those who say I should not be having sex if I am not ready for the consequences are ridiculous. Sex is not only to have kids. It is also a pleasurable experience that I will not give up. I agree that women should be informed of this information, but those that choose to continue with it should not be looked down on or seen as pro-choice, although I am and will proudly tell anyone that asks. It is a woman’s choice whether she wants to have a child, and if not, she should not be punished and not able to have sex responsibly.

I replied to her with as little of words as I felt necessary. But now, on my own “turf” I shall expound.  Oh goodie:


The responsible thing would be to honestly question the true purpose of sex.
Sex is for procreation.

If sex was meant for side dishes of pleasure only, we wouldn’t have to “protect” ourselves from the occasional “mistaken child” that is the product of the act!
If sex were painful, we would cease to exist as a human race because no one likes pain, duh.
Sex is pleasurable for the sake of humanity’s existence.
“Responsible” sex, therefore, is the kind that is mindful of its purpose, not solely of its pleasure.

So when someone says, “I think sex isn’t just for making babies, it’s for pleasure that I will not give up”

Let us re-read that again, shall we?

There’s is our typical act of willful refusal. 

I will not give up my pleasure.


So to (sadly) many, sex is not a union of two people becoming one.  
There is no self-giving love. There is no fully self-sacrificing, self-bearing, life-giving love.
The only “love” present is the love of self.

Even though someone may actually comprehend, understand, and admit that life begins at conception, that contraceptives can actually abort the conceived life, and that they perhaps might have been doing this for years, they WILL NOT give up their pleasure.

My pleasure is worth more to me than the brand new human life I may or may not have just flushed down the toilet.

Just so we are all square, there are other ways than contraceptives.

We as women should be ashamed if we do not know about our femininity- how our fertility works.
There are a handful of days -less than that!- out of the month that a woman can actually conceive a child.

Can we go 3-4 days out of the month without having sex? Are we not mindless, impulsive animals? Are we not capable of a tiny percentage of self control?

The prejudice against taking a natural course on human nature and fertility astounds me.

This is especially amazing since we have become a culture so bent on eating naturally processed foods and staying away from meats that have been injected with artificial hormones.
But we’ll inject ourselves with artificial hormones? So that we may have pleasure whenever we want it? Spastic, momentary, fractional pleasure? That sounds fairly animalistic to me: impulsive, irrational, unthinking, illogical.
 How unfulfilling.

How upside-down it seems!

But how very telling it is about the pro-choice ideology.


Unwilling to consider the value of another human being who is the absolute product of the act which brings about human life.

If you dont want life, figure out when you’re fertile and dont to the deed that is designed to create life during those 3 days. 
Pretty simple, no?
Outside of the spiritual and religious understandings and teachings of sexual relations, it really is that simple, natural and organic. 

The Protestant Pill Predicament

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