7 years ago

The Most Expensive Piece of Fabric Breastfeeding Mommas Will Ever Need.

It’s called the Bébé au Lait, or to be more descriptive, the Hooter Hider.


Make no mistake, it needs to be the Bébé au Lait brand though.

What it is: A large piece of fabric that hangs around mommy’s neck to hide herself and the baby while she’s breastfeeding.

Uses: There’s a built-in plastic liner that arcs outward so that while Mommy is wearing it, she may peek down and see how baby is doing. This makes it SO much easier than a plain, floppy blanket.

I’ve also used mine to provide extra shade over the stroller, car windows, as a changing pad, a blanket, and it can be worn as a cape. Super Mom for sureeee.

It’s also nice to use as an Escape Mechanism: You’re in public, or at a family function with someone who keeps coughing but insists they’re perfectly healthy and MUST hold the baby. Announce that it’s time to feed your baby, place him under your Bébé au Lait, and who will ever know he’s finished eating (or never ate in the first place) and just sleeping under there while you avoid germy relatives (okay let’s be honest: pushy and overbearing people is what I really mean.  SERIOUSLY, a woman I have never spoken to asked if she could hold “the baby” and I wanted to say UHNO! but la politesse took over and i was able to come up with an excuse) Triumph!

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