6 years ago

The MORAL Basis for Defending All Human Life.

Again, from Live Action, but man, they just keep having really good stuff!

What is a human life worth to you? And if you have to explain with various scenarios and lengthy extremes, the answer is clear: not enough.

If a human life is only worth to you what you deem is his/her value, then, have you ever perhaps thought what your value is to anyone else who measures worth in physical evidence?  Perhaps you’re as dispensable as the fetus you believe isn’t worth equal protection to live, according to someone who doesn’t believe that all human beings are equal in their inherent dignity. 

How can we trust a leader of a nation to protect his citizens if he doesn’t see the worth in each and every human life, but only some of us? How can we actually believe that this type of leader would bring about true equality to our great nation? 

The MORAL Basis for Defending All Human Life.

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