1 year ago

…That was wildly mortifying. (Sorry, everyone, my mistake.)

Over the weekend, I discovered that my blog had been down for 4 days. I had it fixed, but the time it took to fix random lines of error codes left me discerning whether or not to continue to maintain my blog. When I had one or two babes, it was easy to blog during naptime, and I had the brain cells to use my college HTML knowledge to tinker around and make my site look the way I wanted.

But now I feel like someone just tossed me to outerspace and I’m like “I can’t hear myself eat. What am I doing? What? Where are my limbs? Where is my face? Do I have a face? Nevermind the face, don’t need one. What was I supposed to be doing?” In other words, where am I supposed to get the time to romantically type on a keyboard? Where is that time? It’s not here. It’s lost right now.

AND YET, I stubbornly thought I’d seize the opportunity last night to give my blog a facelift after the boys were put in bed. Everything is fixed now, but 2 hours into this quick operation, and to my horror, my Inbox started dinging repetitively with new posts from Svellerella. And Facebook, and everywhere else I’ve connected my blog.

When one combines tired mom + rusty web site knowledge + “what is ‘download Demo files’???”… well, it makes for an annoying influx of excerpts from Alice & Wonderland, Moby Dick, and lorem Ipsum Dummy Text.
Basically, what I did was download the dummy text that website designers use as demo text when displaying an example of how their design would look on your site when you upload. The download integrated it into my content, and published it.

So, no, my site has not been hacked.  Or maybe the more accurate thing to say is that I hacked my own site with my stupidity.
Regardless, I’m sorry for swamping your inbox with jibberish.  Will not do again.