5 years ago

What I Wore Sunday

Another link-up in which I love participating is What I Wore Sunday over at Fine Linen & Purple.  I think probably everyone has, at some time or does currently, fret over what is appropriate attire for Mass, or at least have once desperately exclaimed,  “WHAT do I have to wear at all?!?”.  I have a blog entry lined up for that topic, but not for today!  However, I’ll post my outfit from Sunday.

Why don’t I post very often with WIWS? I believe my outfits aren’t very original, and quite often I’ll wear the same thing a few weeks in a row.  But I got to thinking, perhaps others need to know that that’s okay! People (myself included) need to remember that Mass is not a fashion show. Mass is worship, and while what we wear reflects how we view and value our own dignity as a human being, the purpose of “Sunday Best” is not for attention, and definitely not for statement making or status distinguishing.

Also, another setback from why my WIWS posts are so barren is I usually have to beg my husband to photograph me- okay, well, not really…. the problem truth is that I basically do a superman change into my sweats AS I CROSS THE THRESHOLD INTO OUR HOME.  Even then, I fleetingly think, “hmm, shoulda got a pic for the blog thing– WHERE’S THE COFFEE? LEMME AT IT— BACON!!!!

And that’s how it goes.

But since I got the coffee thing under control on Friday, and since my parents had us for brunch after Mass and cooked bacon, and since I found an app with a shutter release timer, what d’ya know!

Tunic: JCrew Outlet, Tank underneath: Target, Pink Pantalones: JCrew

I fell in amore with tunics while pregnant with Emmett.  I just can’t fall out of it, and I am absolutely delighted to find they’re popular among the non-prego types…though, however sadly, I keep seeing young ladies mistaking a tunic for a short dress. Oy.
Tunic: it’s a shirt.  They pair well with skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, and in my case, colored pants (on the occasional observation of the lady who seems unaware that leggings are basically pantyhose and not actual pants, suggest the tunic)!

Thar ye be!  Maybe I’ll see you around Sunday!

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