6 years ago

SUPER MOM? Not What it Seems.

I could never pretend to be a Super Mom. You know, the kind who seem to be about getting it all DONE: spotless house!

What a lie it would be.

Tonight I did the dishes and sanitized our counters for the first time in WEEKS after cooking dinner.
Normally, I get dinner cooked and I’m spent! Those dishes sit there til the next EVENING.

Just putting that out there for anyone who feels like they’re falling short.

You’re not.

You’re real and as long as we are working toward self-betterment, we will become our own version of Super-Mom/Father/Woman/Man in our own time, at our own pace.

So when I see a mom who seems to have it together, instead of feeling jealous, I feel hope. If she has done it, so can I! Gather these strong women as encouraging resources of motivation! But the ones who belittle you or make you feel inferior… Pray for them and stay away from them.

The “Super Moms” who belittle are not super moms. They are wearing a mask, a costume to hide issues that are deeper than the cleanliness of her countertops.

What sparked these thoughts?
Oh, just speaking this weekend with the beloved, strong women in my life about our experiences, shortcomings and challenges.

I crave direct, straight and honest talk which cuts to the core of our reason for being. And I love having that wonderful support from my friends and family who are like this.

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