4 years ago

Sorry to slap the “Under Construction” sign up here

Undah Constructyah

I know, chaaaange.
So, if you’re usually visiting me from a mobile device, you won’t notice a thang, and that’s just fine.

I changed my layout which will remain like this for the rest of the year. While there are a few things I don’t care for (like why you have to scroll forever to see the sidebar),
I’m just looking for cleaner reading and a wider sampling of my posts. Click yo’self through the jam.

There was a period of time when I believed I needed a layout which properly reflected who I am as a bloggist, and of course I couldn’t find anything satisfying. Mostly this is due to me desiring to design it myself –NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN– and not wanting to pay moula for someone else to do it, and completely leaning on the belief that a pretty background and swirly fonts accurately reflect my time, talents, treasures –what a load.

Looking at the blogs I enjoy, I realized (way later than I should have, the delayed-at-life human being that I am), that the personality of the blogger is reflected in what and how she writes, and that my favorites all have very plain layouts.

If I can’t give you who I am with my words, what am I doing here? Polka dots and loopty fleur de lis are only going to compensate for distract from my crappy writing–
So now, youse all have nothing else to gaze upon except the profundities of my words.
noisy cricket.

cricket, cricket, crrrrrricket.
Also. That kind of creepy, angry-coffee-drinking pic of me? I think it’s gotta go.

Okay. So here we are. You may have missed out on some of my most popular posts to date, due to my previous layout and its obscure “archives” system it had going on.

Here are 5 posts which get the most hits, week in and week out:

1. NFP Swaggie. – Why and how Craig & I have chosen to use NFP.

2. On Cursing and Vulgarity – If actions speak louder than words, and your action is to choose an ugly word, what are you really doing?

3. Why the Mass is Like a Dictionary -It’s long, boring, and no one really pays attention to it anyway. …right?

4. Fashion History of the Bikini, and the Power if Gives to Women – Our beautiful Feminine figures: How we are wielding the power of beauty?

5. The About Me section always gets a healthy perusal… Look to see a few changes on that page in the coming weeks.

Which one is your favey? Did I leave your fave out?

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