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Small Business Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Any other secular holiday? Complete waste of time. But Mother’s Day? Well now wait a minute here, totes legit.  Okay I totally don’t say totes or legit, but after I’d written “totally legitimate” it appeared pretentious, and apparently I have a thing about appearing pretentious in my writing.  Because I like using the full word? Well hang snobby little me. Moving on.

Here’s the deal about Mother’s day.  Mom doesn’t really want a gift.  She wants time alone, with her family. No, no, no… not time with only her family, but quiet time, alone, while her family is around her, not bugging her.  You know, like being able to be lovey dovey mommy but without answering requests for refills of  juice cups, or changing multiple, rapid-fire filled diapers, or trimming 60 finger/toenails, or yelling GET DOWN! all day long –which doesn’t exist.

In that case, me eat a cookie, says the Cookie Monster.

Instead, I’ve put together a list of 7 cookies, if you will, which might give mom some temporary delight on her special day.   I chose from small business owners, particularly working mommas.  Because working moms werk.

mothers day list, property of C. Svellinger

1.  A Proper Momiform: The Wrapped Cardigan from Seamly is a great staple.  I stumbled across Seamly on Instagram and fell in love with the wrapped cardigan. Why? Because FINALLY someone solved the wear-leggings-as-pants drama.  The cardigan covers your bum and then some (because it doubles as a skirt!), because there’s nothing worse in my book than checkin out someone’s cheeks at church.  Of course, I wouldn’t wear my momiform (see below) leggings to church… but you never know what might land me there, so here’s my answer: The Wrapped Cardigan.  I also love this cardigan for it’s versatility.  I bought this knowing that I’d be able to wear it not pregnant but also if pregnant. Because if I’ve learned anything from cooking three buns in my oven, comfort is the key and versatile clothing is rare. And this puppy is the key. Extra bonuses:  Seamly is an eco-friendly company who sources their fabrics here in the USA, from other companies surplus/deadstock fabric while fighting against human slavery in the fashion industry.  This is a clothing company this mommy can get behind!  I am proudly an affiliate for these gals.

Property of C. Svellinger

2.  Mini Hoop Art Necklace. My friend Jenna from Call Her Happy is a mommy of two, who creates teeeeeeny tiny works of art to wear as a necklace.  She is now accepting monogram requests and will stitch in a font I created for her, which in return, I received her Lavender necklace.  Her designs are delicate, colorful, and sometimes cheeky. Perfect combo.  What a sweet little treasure.

property of C. Svellinger
an undying love have I for leggings.

3.   Mourning Dove Native American Jewelry. Another Instagram find, this time through IHOD. (I’m telling ya, Etsy has hidden treasures only found on Instagram).  Have I purchased? No. Not yet. But look at all the pretty!

4.  Wrenn Jewelry.  Another momma who’s running her own shop, Alissa suffers from Lymphoma and Chrons disease, and creates these beautiful pieces which won’t make your wallet do the balloon-deflate sound.  Her rings have the perfect amount of sparkle.  Every mom needs some sparkle.  Alissa keeps coming up with new pieces of lovely and I can’t get enough. Go Alissa, go Alissa!

property of C. Svellinger
A cakepop is never a bad idea either.

Okay, so I guess I like jewelry?  yeah.  mrow mrow mrowww.

5.  Felted House Slippers.  Shabby chic on your feet! I did not know these exist. I hate to admit it to youse awll, but I am the barefoot mommy in the kitchen.  Though only because I am claustrosockphobic, and have yet to find a pair of house slippers worth the time of day.  Well… that and I never shop for house slippers. So apparently, I’m happy scampering about the kitchen upon dried macaroni noodles all day. BUT. If I could spend the pretty penny (Cause yikes, $70!?), I might on these slippas. might. That’s why they’re a good gift idea, because when I see a $70 sticker, my brain translates that into 2 boxes of diapers and some wipes.

6.  Cute-as-pie pottery.  Honeycomb Studio: with a sweet tooth for dipping their petite vases in copper, my current décor love, enough said.  –I say that as if I actually decorate, but I assure you, our Christmas crèche is still chillin on the mantle ..along with some DVDs of current watch history. In my head, where actually decorate the house, and things like wicker baskets (un-cracked, and not sat upon by children, of course) and loads of chevron exist, I’d have three of these beauties sitting …somewhere, looking just beautiful.

property of C. Svellinger
Still Christmas chez Happy House.

7.  A Book.  If all of the above are just too vain, dahling, well I got something to fix ya gud: Something Other Than God. My favorite blogger, Jennifer Fulwiler‘s book just released today.  She is an atheist-to-Catholic convert and her writing is delightful. I don’t want to put any preconceptions into your mind about the book, but the familiar way she writes her blog captured me in the same way J.K. Rowling captured me to her books. She’s easy to read, yet hilarious in a rarely encountered form, and insightful, and inspiring, and smart, and and and!  I’ve never read anything she’s written and later thought, what am I doing here?  What am I reading?  I do that plenty of other places.  She’s very good at getting an in-real-life LOL out of me …at 3am while I’m trying to get someone back to sleep. She’s a mother of 6, and homeschools her people, AND wrote this book.  AND I’ve gotta stop. I’ve gotta read it! It’s supposed to ship to Happy House any day. hiphip hooray.  Follow me on Instagram for some beautifully obnoxious photos of me with Jen’s book in hand because she’s running a contest AND IMA GUNNA WEEEEIN. probly nawt.

That’s it.  I’ll probably cheat a big fat one and link this up to Jen’s 7QT on Friday because I’m sick, my boys are all boogie faucets and lung hackers (it’s been sickness upon sickness this Spring and I AM SO OVER IT.), and I cannot imagine the amount of neglect I’d have to serve my little people in order to post more than a few times a week. Maybe not, maybe I’ll get a chance.  Never know.

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  1. I have to add a plug for our friend Brenda from high school at Liberty Stoneware. She’s done amazing things with her pottery, using clay from the beds near her farms and even some from the soil under the barn for glazing! I have one of her compost crocks and not only is it beautiful and functional, but I am supporting the earth, my friend, and her commitment to living and working sustainably. (link to her etsy shop on her blog)


    p.s. I still think you should do an etsy shop for your art work… :)

  2. Eep! I just received a pair of earrings from Wrenn Jewelry. They were a gift from a friend. And I LOVE them. And in excited to find out about the maker. Because I really really love them and now will feel less guilty about buying more. For me…. ;)

  3. I can’t stand the feel of “stuff” under my feet, but my feet get SO HOT & miserable.. I end up in flip flops.. With broken toes.. LOL
    This is a great list and SPOT ON with the “just let me SEE you” part of Mother’s Day!

  4. I swear, you are the honest best. And, youse and I are on the similar thought caboose because I just sent a Mother’s Day gift guide over to a lady as a guest post – all handmade works.

    AND I was JUST saying TODAY that being alone but with my family is what every mom wants. I want them to be around me so I can enjoy their faces, but I don’t want to hear my name used with a question mark after it.

    Also, claustrosockphobics unite. I get legit anxiety (no, for real) when I have socks on too long. Sensory issues much, Jenna?


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