2 years ago

Shall we?

Begin with a sponsored post? You got it. I’m always on the lookout for Catholic artists, companies, shops- what have you- and it really wasn’t until I came out of my blogger shell into the Catholic blogging community that I found them.  They are abundant if you know where to look!  The problem is, a lot of it is hokey, or trying so hard to be cool that it looks protestant (no offense, protesters, but there’s a reason I’m Catholic).

Catholic Threads tapped me on the Instagram shoulder and said, this shirt: you like. I nodded, and here we are.

I’m a funny person about shirts- the short sleeves can’t give me armpit wedgies because I’m not 15 anymore, the neck can’t be too low cut for sooo many reasons but one of them includes me learning a lesson going out in public with a V cut and bending to put down my child after nursing him, only to catch a glimpse of a free-hanging nip through the open neck of my tee– viewable to everyone in front of me. The crowd cleared brilliantly fast.

Anyway- I picked this one and oh how pretty! And NAVY!

And listen- you people who fashion blog with multiple children in tow –how? HOW.  Because by the time I’d captured this shot, all four children were mewling loudly for no reason at all. And then my nerves were fried all for this photograph.  Maybe everyone else does have wailing and gnashing of their children’s teeth in the background and I’m none the wiser?  Anyway, you win, fashionista mamas, you win. I go drink a large …glass of water… now.

YOU, on the other hand, are welcome to 10% off at Catholic Threads with the code: SVELLERELLA

Happy Sunday!