7 years ago

Two stories can be told by this photo.

Story One:

Not 15 minutes after photographing this sparse montage of Lexington’s brooms, it got pooped on.
I’m not joking!

Lexington has been slowly and gently potty-training. I’m not a pusher and sometimes when I ask him if he wants to try he tells me no. I figure when he’s ready, he’ll do it. I talk to him about it, we watch Elmo’s Potty Time probably 5ish times a week, and he does go peepee on the toilet by himself.

But today was his first Numba Two in the big boy toilet!
I wanted to shout to the world “MY LITTLE BOY POOPED IN THE TOILET!!!!!”
I have never been so proud and filled with welled-up emotion over a bowel movement in my life.
And trust me, that means a LOT coming from me: I have IBS and go maybe 3 times a week.

…*awkward crickets, chirping, looking shifty-eyed*…

Sorry for the TMI…
….okay, moving on…

But didn’t I just say that this drawing was pooped on?
Well, it was, a little bit.
We had just entered the room from a recent attempt at going number two. I didn’t put his diaper on him immediately because I suspected there was a legitimate bowel about to move.

“whas that? Whas that?” Lexington was suddenly asking me. I had flopped back down next to our doodle board and crayons and I noticed he was pointing at a half-grape-sized little brown wet substance.

I’m thinking, “okay that doesn’t look like anything we just ate so it’s not food…”
I picked up the paper, smelled it and confirmed it was a leeeetle beet of peuuuupy.
After the 3 seconds it took me to make this observation and conclusion, I sharply looked back up at Lexington and gently asked, “this is poop, isn’t it?”

And my little boy, with his huge, hazel, baggy eyes looked at me. At the brink of tears and nearly ashamed, he said “yup” in the most serious, matter-of-fact voice I’ve ever heard come from a two year-old.

I smiled and said “Okay! Good! Let’s go back on the potty and try again!”
He instantly brightened up and we hurried to the bathroom. The moment his little fanny hit his Toy Story big boy seat, I heard the little “plop!” into the bowl of water.

We clapped and gave high-fives and said “YAYYYYEEE!”
I gave him a Popsicle for his treat and we called his dad and Nene (gma) to boast.

And that’s the most I’ve ever written about that topic.

Story Number Two about the above image will have to come separately, and tomorrow.

7 years ago

Moms don’t get the PLEASURE of being sick!

This sentence, said by my sister is an accurate one.  

It’s hilarious at first thought.  Who would ever think being sick is a pleasure!?

But then if you have infants/toddlers, you’ll know what I mean.  By no means do i suggest that being sick is desirable over parenting.
What I do mean, however, is that NORMALLY when we are ill, we get to rest and be cozy in bed or on the couch all day and drink sprite through a straw, or steaming Raspberry tea. We lounge all day, with laptop or iPad or iPhone within our grasp to surf and watch movies all day.

Insert energetic toddler and newly mastered 8-month-old Crawler and the relaxing “PLEASURE” of a sicky day goes POOF.

So now, we just have sick mom who, if she’s lucky, gets to lay down for 1/2 hour with a heating pad while the baby’s naps overlap.

That’s me. Today.
Not complaining.  Just stating my new experience of being sick with babies present. 
Definitely a challenge and a test of patience.
This is day two of feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus.  My momma helped me a lot yesterday, but so did Ibuprofen.  Today, Ibuprofen no bueno; my momma not here to help. 
Ima guessin that’s where most peeps will tell me this will make me a stronger person.
I’d have to say I agree. 

7 years ago

Ahh my new favorite coffee item for the morning!

I used to work for Starbucks in my college days, so I was trained on tasting coffee and pairing the different flavors with cakes, muffins and coooookies (I’m a cookie monster). I’ll tell you whut, I do not like Starbucks brewed coffee. I still don’t enjoy it. At all.
I love their espresso drinks, but the only Sbux coffee I enjoy is the Christmas Blend, with something chocolateyyyy.
It is all mostly too bitter and dry for me. And no matter if I added flavor or milk to it, I didn’t care for the strong taste of their coffee.

So with that experience in mind, why did I even DARE try this product???

I dunno.
I try to keep an open, positive mind about different foods and drinks, I guess.

And I am SO happy I tried it!
It’s made with Cane Sugar, (no HFCS!) and c’est pas mal!
It’s very flavorful and smooooooothe.
Each packet is only one cup- just add hot water- like instant cocoa- and slurp away.

It’s GREAT for me- I normally have to sacrifice eating in order to take the time to brew my coffee in the mornings— I don’t have the Keurig, and I don’t like the machines that you set a timer on and pour the grinds in the night before (I believe leaving the grinds out overnight makes the coffee taste bitter)

If you like flavored coffee- I definitely recommend trying thisa’one. If you’re traveling and/or in a rush, this one is glorious.

Or, if you’re a momma like me, and don’t want to have to drive to a Starbucks to order a $4 drink that tastes exactly like this one, or you just need your coffee NOW, give this a shot. No pun intended. …Or maybe it was.


7 years ago

Harry Potter is Pro-Life, duh.

It’s overly obvious. Harry is pro-life.

If you haven’t read the books or seen the last film, I’ll sound the spoiler alert right now. But really, this is pretty good, so keep on readin….

This is a message written throughout the seven-book series, however within the beginning, fast-paced, heart pounding chapters of the finale, Deathly Hallows, it’s spelled out for us, plain as day:

“I won’t blast people out of my way just because they’re there,” said Harry. “That’s Voldemort’s job.”

In this chapter, Harry is reprimanded by a superior for not killing or harming a Death Eater. This enemy- Death Eaters, they are called- turns out to be someone being used as a pawn, someone who’s been cursed to do Voldemort’s bidding against his own will. So actually, the Death Eater was not a Death Eater by choice. Regardless of this information, Harry still, bluntly refuses time and time again, to kill anyone.

We see this greatness in Harry throughout the entire series!

And even when he faces Voldemort in the final vis-a-vis, he doesn’t cast the Killing Curse, he asks Voldemort to repent!

He asks the one being who has hated him his whole life, who killed his parents, who lead an evil movement which resulted in the killing of Harry’s Godfather -Sirius Black-, Dumbledore, and many of Harry’s cherished friends, the one who at that moment was about to kill Harry himself, to try to feel remorse.

Harry chooses life!

Harry faces Voldemort twice in the final chapters of the book. In the first face-to-face, Harry is point-blank Cursed to death by Voldemort.

Skip the thrilling and intricate details and Harry awakens, confounded, to a sort of Purgatory in which he encounters Dumbledore. Harry asks Dumbledore why he has not truly died, and Dumbledore explains Voldemort’s ignorance of the truth outside his own selfish desire:

“And his knowledge remained woefully incomplete, Harry! That which Voldemort does not value, he takes no trouble to comprehend. Of house-elves and children’s tales, of love, loyalty, and innocence, Voldemort knows and understands nothing. nothing. That they all have a power beyond his own, a power beyond the reach of any magic, is a truth he never grasped” (709-710).

Harry returns to the real world, empowered with this truth and stuns the wizarding world around him when he reappears alive- including Voldemort himself.

So in the final and last meeting of Harry and Voldemort, Harry doesn’t attack him with violence, Harry doesn’t try to kill this Voldemort- this very misled individual. Harry tries to give Voldemort a chance to understand the truth. And when Voldemort rejects the truth and continues to reattempt to kill Harry, Harry casts a disarming spell, which rebounds Voldemort’s Killing Curse, sending Voldemort to his real and final death.

This pro-life movement is not only about protecting innocent and unborn human beings, but about giving others who do not understand the true value of humanity the knowledge they need, so that they step away from choosing death for any person, no matter if that person was conceived out of rape, incest, was a mass murderer, or drowned their own little girl in a swimming pool. No one on this earth has a right to take away the dignity of that with which we are all CONCEIVED: the dignity of our L.I.F.E.

All wrong-doers are supposed to be granted with this one truth! The ability to repent and be sorry is ALWAYS possible.

Harry knew it. And he’s a fictional character.

What a shame that so many individuals here today lack the same knowledge of truth that such characters as Voldemort and his Death Eaters do.