6 years ago

Outrage against Obama.

What I shared on my Facebook page today, and because I can’t write an original new piece for every networking outlet I have due to my mommy responsibilities, I’m copying and pasting.  Hope no one minds. Actually, I don’t care! :)

If you’re sick of me voicing my beliefs, save me the trouble and de-friend me now, because everyone has a right to this freedom. And these freedoms are being taken away from Americans. You need to know it, and much of the media is silent about it. What are you passionate about? What if it was being thwarted by our government? Would you just not like to think or read bout it, or feel scared to share it with people who might be annoyed? I am not. 

“…the Catholic Church is definitely the largest and arguably the most prolific charitable organization on the planet. If you have done any reading on the subject of European history, you will know that throughout the past two millennia, no one single entity has fed, clothed, and healed more human beings — including human women — around the world than the big mean evil patriarchal rich white woman-hating Catholic Church. This is not me ringing the Papal bell because I’m a Catholic. It’s just true.

Oh, you pesky truth! Getting in the way of everybody’s sexy, young, refreshing lies!” 

Outrage against Obama.

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