5 years ago

Out of my lack of being able to speak charitably due to my impatient and overly aggravated prego hormones, I made these “memes” the other night while I was up with heartburn, brewing over ….ahhh… just STUFF.  

I’ve been thinking, after reading repeated, multiple angry, confused, uneducated and ignorant statements made by people I know, people I don’t know and celebrities we all know, that I want to take my skin off and scrub it on one of those old-fashioned washboards.  Like, the sheer amount of absence of intellect or even rational reasoning makes me writhe in my own skin.  

I am not an overly intelligent or exceptionally well-educated person by any means.   I am ignorant of MUCH.  And I don’t deny that.  

But what I am seeing surrounding all things moral-issue-related is inflated pride, and absolute unintelligence.  

It’s a terrible shame, because we are human and capable of intelligence.  But educating our intelligence takes work.  and as humans, we are lazy.  We form our opinions, we belt them out and we run others over, while we pride ourselves on our fully educated intelligence.  

But are we humble enough to question our education?  To say, “hmm… where’d that opinion of mine really come from?”

We constantly talk of INTOLERANCE & HATE in the world.  I agree it exists and sadly is practiced toward others.  But what I think the greater problem is, is ignorance and pride.  

We THINK we know the evil of a certain type of person or group or religious affiliation, but do we? Really, do we? Have we really done the research to fully educate and support our beliefs?  

I am finding more and more that, no.  There are sadly many more people than I would have ever believed possible that don’t do that research.  They simply disagree based on their own self-held pride and toss whatever ludicrous notions that are presented out the window, never giving it a second thought.  

All I can do is laugh about it.  I’ve been laughing in disbelief all day.  That’s why I can’t read too much of the absolutely idiotic— and I mean idiotic in the strictest, most sincere meaning of the word —banter that goes back and forth on certain blog/news/social network forums.  I am astounded at it.  But sadly, I know I’m not above it.  I’d love to think that I am; that I’m smarter than your average bear, immune to my own pride and prejudices… but I know I have them.  I am only human.  

I think, though, that this realization is what can make a difference in our world.  Corny as it sounds: Loving my fellow human beings above all else.

I will always stand by my understanding of right and wrong, good and evil.  But the word JUDGEMENTAL is not something I’m ready to fling as much as others.  Because I understand the meaning of that word.  There is general judging: discerning, understanding, reasoned educating.  …and there is eternal judging: determining the outcome of someone else’s eternal salvation based on their actions or words.  The first, I try to do while continually understanding my own faults and education.  The second, is absolutely not in my power.

“There are not 100 people who hate the Catholic Church; But there are millions who hate what they believe the Catholic Church to be.”

-Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

I think this sentence is fitting for many, many other facets and groups of people in our world as well and can be applied to the most current hot topics that have arisen in the news this week. 

ahhh…. so I continue to refer to my GIFs above and just laugh.  welp, that’s all I’ve got …for right now.

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