3 years ago

One for the grannies.

Hey. Hi.

I kind of took a blogging hiatus for a week or two cause- summer stuff, right? Right.

So I’m breaking back into it with this feller about my crocheting mystery.  Riveting.

Okay so backstory: I used to knit, and I used to crochet. High school days. Then I forgot about it for 10 or so years. Then after having children I was introduced to this little nagging gremlin called Anxiety &Co, and I started blogging, and then I picked up crocheting again.  Because one needle is easier to keep track of instead of two. I cannot tell you how many safaris I’ve hosted at Happy House in search of my sacred green crochet needle.

So, I started backwards because Hi I’m Carolyn, and made a blanket for Collin.  It took me 1.5 years to complete. I thought hmm, crocheting is cathartic in a way that reading or writing or drawing is not (!), and I have two more children. Blankets all around! I completed Lexington’s blanket in one month.


But then after folding up these chaps and checking out their crochet-y-ness wonder, I noticed they looked completely different.

I pondered the mystery to my crochet-superior Facebook friends, who all gave great insight:

Perhaps the yarn was different; different weights come out looking different.  No. They are the same brand.

Perhaps it’s simply the color.  Some colors even give yarn a different texture or weight.  No. I am holding them both. The yarn is the same.

Perhaps your stitching became more relaxed over time. Fair point there. It had indeed.

But it still didn’t solve why the stitching looks completely different.  The white blanked is ribbed.  The greenish blanket is relatively smooth.

property of C. Svellinger
…if you give a Lexington a cookie…

Yesterday I solved the mystery.

On my white blanket, I had been picking up the stitch at only the front, but also picking up a second thread from the crochet in the row below. 

I was basically, crocheting wide, as I was crocheting long.
Hence, why it took me so very long to complete the stiff, white blanket.  It’s kind of more like a rug.

Property of C. Svellinger
…lil’ bro will do the same. kind of.

Oh well. I learnt’t now.

Case closed. Granny out.

Property of C. Svellinger
Just assuring you the little window scene was the only crispy clean space in the house; this is directly across the room from the above shots. :)