6 years ago

On Matters of Opinion

I’ve been indirectly and many times directly hounded about my views. No problem there: any chance I have to be able to shed light on Truth is a good chance.

However I often get the individuals who say “I don’t agree with you, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion” Or, “I’m tired of hearing you projecting your political opinion on everyone!”

Here’s my quandary:
Aren’t there such strange and wondrous objects in this world called “facts”? Isn’t there such a thing as Truth? As right or wrong?

Cause if there’s not, then EVERYTHING is opinion.
Science, mathematics, anything that takes a precise calculation or anything that we see right in front of our faces may just be your opinion or mine. Nothing ever right, nothing ever wrong.

How mundane, blasé and confusing a world it must be to individuals who really believe “it’s all relative”!

Here’s a fact: on life and death, it’s not relative.

My ‘opinions’ I spew are supported with FACTS. many facts: 

Fact: A new Human Life starts at conception.
Fact: Abortion ends the life of a human being.  (Graphic Images)

Fact: So, also do medications which cause the lining of a uterine wall to shed after a conceived human being has begun to look for a home within the uterine’s walls. The Pill is capable of doing that: there’s no telling when, but an abortion can be caused by the pill. The Morning After Pill is MADE for abortion.
Fact: Contraceptives (the pill, morning after, IUD’s) all increase the risk of Breast Cancer according to the World Health Organization and are classified as a Type I Carcinogen. (#5.2 on page 169)
Fact: Planned Parenthoodprovides contraceptives: “emergency” and the Pill.
Fact: Planned Parenthood provides abortions.
Fact: Planned Parenthood does NOT provide life saving mammograms. 
Fact: Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for aiding and abetting sex traffickers, covering up rape, under reporting abortions, falsely claiming to provide mammograms and not giving accurate, scientific information about life within the womb (“there is no heartbeat”, “it’s a clump of cells, not alive, not a human being”). 

So if I were a large, respectable organization dedicated to funding research to save women’s lives and fight Breast Cancer, why would I want to associate with such an organization as Planned Parenthood until I knew for certain that the allegations are not true?
I wouldn’t.

How can anyone blame Susan G Komen?

And how on earth can anyone be chalking all of this up to “conservative Christians and their moral opinions”?

I’m sorry but if you think that sex trafficking or rape being right or wrong is a matter of opinion, you cannot be fully sane.

Those are terribly serious allegations. Serious allegations that have been caught on tape.
These are facts. Not fabricated opinions based on “I just don’t feeeeeeel that it’s right in my heart!”

Instead it is BECAUSE of these facts that I KNOW it is wrong.

And for someone to say, “well, I’m sorry, that’s your opinion. …I just don’t agree with you,” says to me “I don’t want to agree with you because then I’ll have to admit that I have been wrong. I have been mislead.”
Stubbornness. Yikes.
There’s another reason that someone may chalk these facts up to a matter of opinion:

They are actually okay with killing an innocent human being.
That’s scarier.
Because it means they understand the truth and still reject it.

I pray for you, if that is your “opinion”.

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