6 years ago

Oh, Planned Parenthood, what an all time low you’ve achieved.

I watched George Clooney’s The Ides of March over the weekend. [Spoiler alert, sorry]
It’s about a democratic governor running in the primaries, hoping to get a bid for presidency. He impregnates a young intern. Ryan Gosling’s character, the advisor for the governor’s campaign, uses campaign money and some of his own to pay for the intern’s abortion. Intern ultimately kills herself under the immense weight of shame, regret and stress of having involved herself with the governor and the potential threat of the issue becoming public knowledge.

This is what Planned Parenthood is proud of. Being a woman’s “Morning After”, “a sexual experience”.
Planned Parenthood seems proud to cover up the tracks of a man that should not be running for office; in fact, to HELP HIM get there.

Where is the care for the woman in all of this?
Where is the care that the pro-choice proponents seem to claw around for when defending Planned Parenthood?
This, to me, seems like the fairly common occurrence when it comes to choice for abortion: the woman aborts for a social reason, is hushed up, shipped out, and forgotten. But what happens afterward?
Where is Planned Parenthood for the TRUE morning after?

Granted, the woman in this story -and in so many others- has the responsibility to say NO to a situation that would put her in jeopardy of consequences she’s not willing to handle. And of course now we’re all thinking of an event where a woman may be inhibited from the ability to say no… To which I’ll give the statistic that only %1 abortions reported are due to rape or incest

And Planned Parenthood covers THAT up as well.

So here we are again, facing the Planned Parenthood who advertises that “Women are Watching” and claiming that the pro-lifers do not care about women, only the babies.

Clearly Planned Parenthood’s women aren’t watching the women whose stories are getting hushed up and swept under the rug by abortions. The women who have been sexually trafficked, who’ve been raped, who’ve been treated like a dispensable object by men because those men are enabled by Planned Parenthood to cover up their wrong-doings by getting rid of the evidence: a human life created.

“We’re Your Morning After”
If there’s anyone who’s dealt with a “morning after”, think about how that morning after feels. Anyone proud of it? Honestly, proud?

Shame. Regret.

That’s what I know to be associated with the morning after.

And that is what Planned Parenthood seems proud to represent: Shame and regret.

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