5 years ago

Oh, Holy SuperBowl Sunday.

My little sister and I grew up with sports being a very integral part of our youth. We played softball from kindergarten until high school graduation (catcher, here!) We played on our church’s private school soccer team until high school graduation. From the 7th grade until I graduated high school, I was a hurdler, long jumper, and relay team member on our Track & Field team (My sister set school records, & I got to compete at the Regional level- one under state championship, and we have the gold, silver & bronze medals to prove it. …in a shoebox … in the basement…)

Okay? I’m not bragging (I mean, but come on, there are talented ladies in my family. My cousin played Softball for the United States Coast Guard -catcher too), I’m letting IT BE KNOWN that I’m not coming from a background which does not appreciate sports.

That being said, I knew there was a reason I loathe spectator sports. The angry nazi-fem in me wants to batman slap the men who ogle the television screen, drooling at the commercials of scantily-clad women during half-time, beer in greasy little hand.

I am disgusted at the thousands who flock to the stadiums Sunday mornings instead of church. (I always give the benefit of the doubt and try to assume everyone went to Saturday Night Mass instead… yeah… thousands)
I am disgusted that championship days are treated like Holy days in the homes of so many, gathered around the alter of the television, partaking in the sacraments of potato chips and beer, hallelujahs at touchdowns, cursing and swearing at interceptions.

That is simply the Debbie Downer in me. I know for many families, this doesn’t ring true. I know it’s nice to have a reason for family to gather and enjoy something everyone likes instead of arguing over religion or politics.

But what really got me going is knowing that ”The Super Bowl is “the single largest human trafficking incident in the U.S.,”

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/national/super-bowl-is-single-largest-magnet-for-sex-trafficking-child-prostitution-in-us#ixzz2JkyWj3xH

Really? There’s a correlation between the two?

I think, if you’re someone who has the ability to scratch the surface of a subject and think an inch deeper (as fellow blogger I can’t recall right now once wrote, ”Oh, but to think an inch deeper!”), one could easily place man, beer, sports, moral relativism (“it’s right because it’s right for me!”), and sex together. SIMPLY WATCH THE COMMERCIALS.

Last year, The Washington Post wrote about this as well:

The Super Bowl attracts tens of thousands of fans to the host city, and millions of television viewers, making it the most watched broadcast each year. But it also attracts a sector of violent, organized criminal activity that operates in plain sight without notice: human sex trafficking.”

I could go on, and on. and on. I’ll list some more sites at the bottom, but what I want to make known is that there are people who are doing something about this.

The Catholic Sisters of the Holy Cross are a group, out of many, responsible for intercepting and saving many young women. My cathsorority sister, at FinelinenandPurple says last year, they rescued a 9 year old girl.

This article is great because it talks about what the Sisters did last year in order to raise awareness as well as save trafficked women. Here is a video as well:
I don’t have time to write out my thoughts. But believe me when I say I have them. I just wanted to take a brief moment to bring this to light, as tomorrow is the religious holy day of Superbowl Sunday for millions. Please remember this, and please pray for these innocent women.
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