5 years ago

Obama Ad Campaign Compares First Time Voting To Losing Virginity.

Here’s the ad video:

“Absolutely repulsive. Obama Campaign degrades women by advertising first time women voters consider their vote as they would having sex for the first time.

“You wanna do it with a guy who will make sure you have birth control”

…because heaven forbid Obama gets you pregnant. “I’m not paying for that mistake!” He’ll holler as he leave you to be a single mom in need of a job— or drives you to the abortion clinic and leaves you on the doorstep, never to be heard from again.

Disgusting. Disgusting that a presidential campaign thinks women are that shallow, that unintelligent, that they would vote knowingly compartmentalized as a sex object.”

I quote this from my Facebook post this morning. And this counter ad (photo above)comes from LiveAction.org.

That’s all I have time for!
I’m sorry about my absence— I promise to be writing regularly again soon. I just had to get this out there with Election Day so soon.

Women deserve better than Barack Obama.

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