5 years ago

{NFP Awareness Week} Deetailz, minor Deetailz.

Well crikey, youse guys. My blog rejoiced -REJOICED I tell you- in receiving a fat daddy influx of visitors yesterday.
SIX TIMES MORE than my average visitors per day.
I suppose I wrote something interesting, no?
Well I’m afraid I’ve done peaked early and the rest of this week will be the floppy, deflated balloon after NYE.
That’s fine …cause it’s time for the AFTER PARTAYYYYYYY!

The responses I received yesterday in reply to my {NFP} NO H8 post humbled and touched me. I am so ignited by your encouragement, especially from the single ladies. How uplifting it is to know that there are smart, single women out there, leaps and bounds ahead of myself at that stage of my life!

{Today I want to give you links: more specific information about Natural Family Planning.}

These links range from help with finicking over cervical fluid (or mucus), temperatures, to menstrual issues, health issues and personal stories from ladies who’ve faced irregularity, miscarriage, infertility, unplanned pregnancy, etc., which illuminate women as the unique, not-to-be-molded beauties that we are.

Here they are, links in Turquoise:

  • NFPandMe: Katie is hosting a women blogger’s link up, connecting the many other ladies who are posting about NFP this week. This is a great way to read other women’s stories. Prepare to go, “OH MY GOSH, THAT’S ME!” and “I had NO IDEA!”
  • Carrots For Michaelmas: a treasure trove. Haley’s started a “Women Speak on NFP” series which is so rich in information and women’s personal stories that it’s overwhelming. Which is EXCELLENT, considering the uneducated individual might think that NFP is baseless and not mainstream enough to take seriously. Which is also cool, cause that means NFPers must be kind of hipster.
  • iusenfp.com: An eye-catching NFP site, again LOADED with info, divided into easy-to-navigate topics.
    We’re so excited to offer you this fresh, comprehensive, and thorough website dedicated to every woman, everywhere.”
    This site is also responsible for these excellent graphics:

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility: This site is strictly secular (non-religious) and, again full of info as well as the book: TCOYF available for purchase. …yes there are BOOKS about this stuff.
  • The Couple to Couple League: It is through the CCL that my husband and I took our NFP class. I just searched upcoming classes being held for my local area and there are 5 upcoming classes:
    and February 2014
    Call the location before registering to confirm. Also, if you’re not in a financial situation to pay the class fee (the paid instructors are married couples who have to leave their kids with someone, as well as dedicating their free time to take phone calls for years later!), ask for available options. My husband and I couldn’t spare the dollaz at the time and we were sponsored. Through this class, you’ll receive charting materials and books. You don’t have to be Catholic to take these classes.
  • 1FLESH.org. Go. Just go.
  • Another Carrots for Michaelmas post: What’s the Big Deal about Birth Control?

I’m going to cut myself off right there. I might add a few more later today. If I’ve missed a big name NFP site, call me out. My brain doesn’t function well when I have to list info on demand and post DAY OF. It usually takes me a week of writing to crank out a goodie. But I’m working on that because Jen at ConversionDiary sayzso.
The above information can become overwhelming.
I encourage anyone new to learning about NFP to take their sweet time combing through the links, and the links within the links, and the links in the links in the links. LINXXXXX!

Take your time. It’s a busy world. Use a week or two and read through whichever link catches your pretty eyeball when you have the free moments.

  • I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll post about some books which have helped me and my family NFP-wise. Tangible books are a delight.
  • Later this week I’m hoping to delve into the spiritual clicks I mentioned yesterday.
  • I also intend to convince Craig to model for me again so we can do more of these:


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