4 years ago

{NFP Awareness Week} Absentee Entry

Posting a leeeetle later than I wanted today.
I’m so sorry to disappoint, though I believe the only person I’m really disappointing is mahseylf. And that’s fine, I’ll catch up in the morning!
It was a busy day visiting my sister, and with the two of us and 6 children 4 years old and under, it’s like running a small daycare. Could you sit down for a handful of minutes to clickety clack on a computer in that mess? No. I don’t think so.

I shall leave youse all with this wonderfully written piece from a fellow Cathsorority sister, Mandi from Messy Wife, Blessed Life. Click on the title below and you’ll be taken to her site. à demain! (updated 2015: this link no longer works- sorry everyone!)

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