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Natasha Bedingfield (Wild Horses) With Ballet Dancer Michaela DePrince – DWTS 2012 (Results) (by AwesomeArtistsLive)

I don’t watch much television.  We purposely do not have cable.  Yes we watch tons of movies, and I’ve definitely got streaming wi-fi.  But we chose not to introduce our children or infest our family life with endless television shows which are hard to monitor if I’ve never seen them before and endless trash commercials.  

However, some evenings, my husband and I enjoy watching American Idol or The Apprentice if we happen to remember which night it shows.  Last night, Craig flipped on the TV, knowing that we had missed American Idol -though now that I think about it, I believe it’s on Wednesdays and Thursdays- and Dancing With the Stars was halfway over.  I’ve never paid much attention to this show, but I was captivated as soon as DWTS started airing the story of this young woman.  

I was deeply moved by her story and am affirmed in my beliefs that adoption is always the better option.  If she had been aborted, there would be no Michaele DePrince to inspire dancers who come from such challenges as she.  What an amazing testimony to life, equality and love.  

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