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My Fave Blogs

Hai. In light of the Sheenazing Award voting happening right now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs which are currently amongst the nominees for Bonnie’s Sheenazing-ness.  Go get your vote on til Monday.

4Life4Life Blog has been nominated for funniest, coolest (HA), best looking (HAHA.),  best mom blog, most inspiring, and smarty pants. I’m blushing and feelin Sheenazing already, especially standing next to my favorite blogs.

BUT. Here are my favorites.  Many of them don’t show up in my blogroll.   So, in my humble opinion….

If you want a hearty laugh, I recommend:

Conversaion Diary.  She doesn’t have to invent words or exert her energy creating ridonculous phrases. Jen’s syntax is effortless, matter-of-fact hilarious. I find myself laughing tears through many of her posts. I know she’s like in the blogging big leagues, and an author, and a famous reality TV star now, but it’s for good reason.

I Have To Sit Down. Mainly because she talks in character voices while out in public sans regard for strangers within earshot, and I do the same.

If you want to feel like part of the cool kid’s club, go visit:

Camp Patton.

Call Her Happy.

After visiting both of these ladies, you feel like they’re your bffs and you want to comment like you just ran into eachother at the grocery store. But then you realize they don’t know you and you probably sound creeptastic. But you keep commenting anyway. And they’re both sweet enough to email you back and visit your own minuscule blog and make you feel like you’re in da club.

Go visit these blogs for ideas to prettifying your website:

Sole Searching Mama.

In Honor of Design

So you probably know by now that I laud my art knowledge around, and definitely I puff the Cruella Deville cigarette when it comes to making things look really really ridiculously good looking, and I’m still sporting a DOTwordpress blog with a generic, pre-made layout.  BUT whatever. Someday.
zoolander on Make A.Gif

Why do I love these blogs?
Because they’re simple, with frills on the down low.

Since I began blogging millions of years ago (okay really it’s only been 9 years. ouch.), I started picking from the pre-made layouts, wishing to reflect my personality on my page.  That’s what everyone wants, right?

But when the design is crammed with so many words, indecipherable fonts,  flourishes and flowers and advertisements, it kind of makes my eyeballs look in opposite directions.
I’ve found that the blogs which are most appealing to my eye show their personality through the blogger’s writing, and that’s really why we’re all here, right?

If you’re looking for inspirational blogs:

A Knotted Life.  Her son’s story is breath taking.

Moxie Wife.  She’s such a sweetheart, and always, always, always writes uplifting and inspirational posts for marriage and loving your husband. Because real life: it’s not always easy.

Best Lifestyle Blogs:

Carrots For Michaelmas. Oh. Em. Garsh.  This gal is smart. She completely won me over with her defense of Harry Potter (she basically got in my head and beat me to the post, years before I gave it a thought.) Her blog gives me hope that I’m not aspiring to be a lunatic, and even if that’s where we’re headed, she’s there too, and she makes it look fantastic.

Catholic All Year I want to be her apprentice. This is EXACTLY what we are striving for, and what I’ve vaguely written about here.

Best Linkups:

Jen’s 7 Quick Takes

Fine Linen & Purple’s What I Wore Sunday.

Hallie’s 5 Favorites

…for the obvious reasons of these are the ones in which I (semi) consistently participate, and they’re all so fun!

The blogs I think are most under appreciated:

Honestly, there are too many to list.  I encourage everyone to read through the nominee list and visit each blogger over the course of this year. Here are a few that I am always like, WHY are these blogs not more popular?!

Molly Makes Do
The Fisk Files
Shoved to Them.  This lady wrote Teaching in Your Tiara, and I was so blessed to be given the chance to get it for my Kindle app.  

The first chapter gave me the courage to commit to homeschooling my own children. I assure a future post with more on this subject, but I’ve battled with myself for 4.5 years over whether or not to accept this challenging call to homeschooling, and Rebecca’s book gave me the nudge I needed.

and OH so many more blogs. I’ve made it a goal this year to read more from this list, and to let you all know about them

Best blog by a momma:

Mary at Passionate Perseverance.  She is the sweetest, and most inspiring mom I read.

Dweej at House Unseen, Life Unscripted.  There is literally no way you can’t like her.

The smartest blog:

The Anchoress. Git thee yonder.

A Catholic Thinker.  If you didn’t notice, all the smarty pants blog at Patheos.

Best Manblogger:

Steve Gershom.  He’s Catholic …and gay. How about that.

Brandon Vogt It’s so good to see young man speaking on his Catholic faith.

Okay so I left out some categories because this became a bigger project than I intended and I hate to end on a non-climactic note but I’m out of steam. blub blub blub.  I hope you all found some new stuff to read and be inspired!  Go back to A Knotted Life for wayyy more blogs to pick from.
Bye bye then.