My Birth Stories

I have come a long way:

From a first pregnancy; scared out of my mind about the pain of labor and delivery, opting for an epidural & pitocin, having no idea whatsoever whether I was actually “pushing” or just laying with my feet up in stirrups doing nothing at all…

To a second pregnancy, medicated labor; a fuzzy memory about my previous labor, halfway educating myself about birth options, experiencing a misplaced epidural and unexpectedly experiencing some half-medicated delivery pains…

To a third pregnancy, med-free labor; obsessively educating myself about the labor and delivery process: avoiding pain medication, how the female body is built for this life event, how to listen to my body, how to understand the sensations of labor, and how to cope with grace and beauty…

Please enjoy my birth stories.

No matter how your baby was born, whether it be via c-section, medicated, unmedicated, hospital, birthing center, or homebirth, you are a legend in my eyes.

Please share your story with me!  I love the uniqueness in each mother’s story.

Add yours